McVey, Willie (1920-2010)



From Brisbane, Australia.  Fellowshipped at Salisbury Gospel Hall after returning from the mission.


A missionary to Malaysia and Hong Kong. We have many recordings of him as he was a very good and respected Bible teacher.


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There I Am In The Midst

Believe And Be Baptised

His Ministry In Egypt And Hong Kong


The Year of The Jubilee

The Lord’s Return

The Book Of Haggai

Preparing A Sermon


Forty Years Of Missionary Service

The Past And Future Of Hong Kong

Haggai – Are We Putting God First?


The Missionary Mandate – Pt1 – Reach, Preach And Teach

The Missionary Mandate – Pt2 – Unity Not Union

The Missionary Mandate – Pt3 – Diversity Amidst Unity

The Missionary Mandate – Pt4 – Receive, Walk And Abound


What Did Jesus Say? – Enter In At The Straight Gate

What Did Jesus Say? – Ye Must Be Born Again

What Did Jesus Say? – My Son Was Dead

What Did Jesus Say? – Father Forgive

What Did Jesus Say? – Men Ought Always To Pray

What Did Jesus Say? – I Jesus

What Did Jesus Say? – I Am The Light

What Did Jesus Say? – I Send You Forth

What Did Jesus Say? – There Am I In The Midst

What Did Jesus Say? – Remember Me

What Did Jesus Say? – Believe And Be Baptised

What Did Jesus Say? – Ask, Seek And Knock

What Did Jesus Say? – Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

What Did Jesus Say? – A Son Of Abraham

What Did Jesus Say? – A Ransom For Many


Hosea 1

Report On Hong Kong


The Voice Of The Past

The Role Of The Prophet

The Times Of The Gentiles – Visions In Daniel

The Drama Of Israel


Focus On The Future – The Warnings Of Christ

Focus On The Future – The Day Of Judgement

Focus On The Future – The Destiny Of The Church

Focus On The Future – Signs Of The Times

Focus On The Future – The Fall Of An Empire

Focus On The Future – The Prince Of Peace


Report – Work In Hong Kong

John 10:14-16,27-28, Revelation 3:14


Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt1 – Justification

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt2 – Sanctification

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt3 – Redemption

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt4a – Conversation

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt4b – Salvation

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt5a – Regeneration

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt5b – Propitiation

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt6a – Election

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt6b – Eternal Security

poor sound and incomplete – Basic Bible Beliefs -Pt7a – Retarded Growth

Basic Bible Beliefs -Pt7b – Full Growth

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt8a – Growing In Christ

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt8b – All One In Christ

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt9a – The Sermon On The Mount

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt9b – Beware Of Leaven

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt10a – Thy Brother

Basic Bible Beliefs – Pt10b – Parables Of Kingdom


Isaiah 21:11, Habakkuk 1-3

What Is The Lord Really Saying To Me?

The Servant Of No Man, But The Servant Of All


Framework For The Future – Pt1 – The Nations

Framework For The Future – Pt2 – The Person And The People

Framework For The Future – Pt3

Framework For The Future – Pt4

Framework For The Future – Pt5

Framework For The Future – Pt6

Framework For The Future – Pt7 – Final Happenings


Sucessful Christian Living

Philippians 1:7

Looking Back, Looking Around And Looking Forward


Early Errors – Pt1 – The Error Of Judaism

Early Errors – Pt2 – Gnostic Errors

Early Errors – Pt3 – The Book Of Jude – The Error Of Lasciviousness

Early Errors – Pt4 – Errors Concerning The Person Of Christ

The Greatest Error – Pt5 – So Near The Kingdom


The Son Of Man – Seen

The Disciples Believed More

Birth And Growth


Two Babylons

Two Jerusalems

Two Covenants

Two Men – Adam And Christ


Jesus And Report On Egypt

Servants Of God

Report On Hong Kong


The Son Of Man – The Redeemer And Ruler

The Son Of Man – The Sacrifice For Sin

The Son Of Man – The Sign Of Jonah


The Sons Of God

Sinners God Can Save

Sending Out Disciples

The Christian Life – The Commencement, Course And Conclusion

The Sign Of Jonah

Fullness – Stephen – Full Of Faith And Power

Bridging The Generation Gap

The Joy Of The Lord

1 Chronicles 6:31-32, 1 Kings 3:15-16

Matthew 12

Appearances Of Christ In The Old Testament

Church History And Distinctions

Ephesians 1:3-14

Satan Tries To Come Between


The Reading And Studying Of The Scriptures

Interpretting The Scriptures

The Bible As A Revelation From God

The Inspiration And Authority Of The Scriptures





Exodus – The Way Out

Our Lord Jesus In Exodus


The Place The Study Of Words Has In Looking Into The Bible

An Outline Of Matthew’s Gospel – Word Studies

An Outline Of Mark’s Gospel – Word Studies

An Outline Of Luke’s Gospel – Word Studies

An Outline Of John’s Gospel – Word Studies

An Outline Of Acts – Pt1 – Word Studies

An Outline Of Acts – Pt2 – Word Studies



The Making Of A Saint


Justification – Pt1

Sanctification – Pt2

Redemption – Pt3

Salvation Is Of The Lord – Pt4

Salvation Is Of The Lord – Pt5

Regeneration – Pt6

Propitiation – Pt7

Chosen In Christ Or Election – Pt8

Eternal Security – Pt9

Christian Growth – Pt10

Christian Growth – Full Growth – Pt11

Christian Growth – Growing Into Christ – Pt12

Christian Growth – One In Christ – Pt13


The Church In History And In Prophecy – A Bright Beginning – Pt1

The Church In History And In Prophecy – Lessons From Ephesus – Pt2

The Church In History And In Prophecy – The Dark Ages – Pt3

The Church In History And In Prophecy – Reformation And Revival – Pt4

The Church In History And In Prophecy – The Voice Of The People – Pt5


Cameos Of Christ In Matthew – Pt1

Cameos Of Christ In Mark – Pt2

The Cameos Of Christ In Luke – Pt3

The Cameos Of Christ In John – Pt4


2 Corinthians 1


The Missionary Mandate – Pt1 – Rescue Operation

The Missionary Mandate – Pt2 – That They May Be One

The Missionary Mandate – Pt3 – Diversity

The Missionary Mandate – Pt4 – Expansion


The Little Flock


Sermon On The Mount – Pt1 – The Training Of Twelve

The Training Of Twelve – Pt2 – Beware Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees

The Training Of Twelve – Pt3 – Thy Brother

The Training Of Twelve – Pt4 – Parables Of The Kingdom



Going Forward

David’s Mistakes And God’s Mercies

How The Fruit Of The Spirit Can Be Made Manifest In Our Lives

I Send You Forth

Parable Of The Fig Tree Likened To The Lord’s Life

We’re Not Like Heaven Yet


The Shulamite Woman – Love – Shepherd

The Shulamites Hour Of Temptation – Hour Of Tenderness