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MacDonald, William (1917-2007)


From Leominster, MA, USA. Then Scotland and back to the USA.

President of Emmaus Bible College, teacher, Plymouth Brethren theologian and a prolific author of over 84 published books. Refusing to accept royalties for his books he established a fund for translating his work, Believers Bible Commentary, into foreign languages.

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Acts Of The Early Church

True Discipleship – Pt1

True Discipleship – Pt2 – Prayer

The Fundamentals Of The Gospel

Eight Principals Of A New Testament Church

How Do You Study The Bible?

World Evangelism

Deliverance From Indwelling Sin

How To Make An Impact

Christ Loved The Church

The Diety Of Christ


Prayer In Acts – Pt1

Prayer In Acts – Pt2

Prayer In Acts – Pt3 – The Autonomy Of The Local Church

Prayer In Acts – Pt4 – The Way Of Assurance

The Life And Spirit Of The Church

Peter’s Confession

Future Security


True Discipleship

Moses – A Man Of God

God Meets The Need Not The Greed