Promise Box Audio

Wilson, Victor (-2023)


Born Belfast, Northern Ireland. Now Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fellowships at Bexley Gospel Hall.

A long time elder at Bexley assembly and a very capable Bible teacher.

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Praising Versus Worshipping

The Tabernacle

Christ’s Death


Comfort And Exhortation

Baptismal Message


Luke 2:26-38

A Sidarium

Psalm 1:1-6, 150:1-6

Cups – Psalm 11

An Overview Of Psalm 18

The King Of Glory – Psalms 22-24

The Wonder Of Our God – The Great And Chief Shepherd – Psalm 23

Fret Not, Trust, Delight, Commit And Rest In The Lord – Cease And Depart From Evil – Psalm 37

Our Blessed Hope – Psalm 71

An Overview Of Psalm 86 And 87

An Overview Of Psalm 90

Are We A Separated, Sanctified, Satisfied And Singing People – Psalm 100

The Unchangeable One – Psalm 102

Bless The Lord O My Soul – Psalm 103

Praising Versus Worshipping – Psalm 104

We Thank God For The Cup Of Salvation – Psalm 116

poor sound – An Overview Of Psalm 118

An Overview Of Psalm 119.1-64

An Overview Of Psalm 119:65-120

Psalm 119:113-144

An Overview Of Psalm 119:121-144

An Overview Of Psalm 119:145-176 – Pt4

The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us – Psalm 126

Gathering In The Local Church

A Need For Conversion

Be At Peace

Sowing To The Flesh Or To The Spirit

It Is Appointed Unto Man Once To Die

Baptismal Message


The Touch Of The Lord Jesus

The Care Of The Shepherd For The Flock

Is Your Response, One Of Great Joy To God’s Revelation To Man?

The Book

In The Fullness Of Time God Sent Forth His Son

The Glory Of The Lord


Salvation Is Found In One Person Only

The Hidden Prophet, Priest And King

The History Of The King James Bible

The Mirror Of God’s Word

The Arm Of The Lord

The Preciousness Of Christ’s Blood

New Things – I Am The Alpha And Omega – Fear Not

Christ’s Death Was Voluntary

He Died For Me

God’s Great Love

Hear Ye Him, Receive Him And Confess Him

The Revelation Of Jesus Christ – Revelation 1

The One Who Is Watching – Revelation 1

The Right To Bless And The Right To Judge

The Love And Glory Of God

What Then Shall I Do With Jesus?

God With Us

The Uniqueness Of The Lord Jesus


Seeing And Beholding

The Comfort Of His Coming

The Men In The Christian Experience

The Beauty Of The Lord

The Lordship Of Christ

Calvary – The Place Of Unusual Happenings

Farewell – Ruth

The Surety Of The Lord Jesus

Come – Coming Again – Come In – Come Out – Come Now

The Criteria For Being A Redeemer

God’s Prophecies Are Sure

Decorum In Assembly Meetings

Our Fundamental Truths

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ

The Power Of The Gospel

Salvation Not By Blood, Flesh Or Will Of Man, But By God

God Has Spoken

The Presence Of The Risen Christ

Events On The Day Of The Lord’s Return

Victory – It Is Finished!

The Lord And His Anguish

Four Things Mentioned Only Once In The Scriptures

The Mills Of God Grind Slowly

The Glory Of The Lord Jesus

Looking Unto Jesus As We Run The Race Of Faith

Can Any Good Come Out Of Nazareth?

Salvation Is Of The Lord

Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ And Thou Shalt Be Saved

Yet There Is Room

The Mount Of Olives

Christ, Our Day Spring From On High

No Imputation, No Condemnation, No Reservation And No Salvation

He Himself Came To Put Away Sin

The Mountains Of Scripture

Points On Reverence

The Hidden Christ

A Fixed And Sure Appointment



Joseph – A Man With A Mission

Moses – The Friend Of God

The Preciousness Of The Blood Of Christ

My Lord – That I May Know Him

Myrrh And Our Beloved One

Jesus Christ – The King

The Nature And Attributes Of God – Pt1

The Nature And Attributes Of God – Pt2

The Mighty Love Of Giving Oneself

The Last Sayings Of The Lord

A Fixed Appointment – A Coming Judgement

The Need For Weeping And Tears Of Compassion

A Transforming Look

An Overview Of 1 Chronicles – The Importance Of God’s House In The Rise Of David’s Kingdom

An Overview of 2 Chronicles – The Importance Of God’s House In The Decline Of David’s Kingdom

The Traits Of A Man Of God

I Am Black, But He Is Altogether Lovely

The Relevance Of The Death Of Christ

Samson’s Six Steps To Defeat

A Greater Than Solomon Is Here

Future Prospects Of The Bride Of Christ

The Morning Star

His Great Mercy – Father Forgive Them

Christ And The Antichrist

Working Together Do All To The Glory Of God

The Suffering And Glory

Man, Dust, Dignity And Destiny

The Results Of Rejecting Or Accepting Salvation

The Wonder Of Christ’s Incarnation

Wounded For Me And Now I Am Free

Voices That Are Going To Have Effect On The World

Dealing With Local Assemblies And How They Should Be Run

Knowing The Will Of God


The Challenge Of The Cup – Psalm 116

Let All Things Be Done That Edify

God Manifest In The Flesh


An Overview Of Isaiah – Pt1 – The Man, Monarch, Message And Messiah

An Overview Of Isaiah – Pt2 – The Sovereign Lord, Son, Shepherd And Servant

Giving Our All In Service

What We Should Be – Psalm 100

The Upward Look Deals With All Crises

First Of All – The Preaching Of The Cross

Where Is Our Sin?

The Blessed Hope

Poured Out

The Perfection Of The Work Of Christ

His Testimony – No Surrender Or Full Surrender

Be Of Good Cheer

An Overview Of Micah – A Tale Of Two Cities

Salvation For The Sinner By A Look

Be Prepared To Give An Answer For Your Faith And Belief

Christ Jesus Came Into The World To Save Sinners

Lessons From Bethany



Giving Our Best

A Complete Once And For All Sacrifice

What Is A Christian? – Pt1

What Is A Christian? – Pt2

Lordship In God’s Assembly

The Coming Of The Lord

Two Distinctions In The Advent Of Christ

The Preciousness And Value Of Myrrh

Never Man Spake Like This Man

No Room

Aspects Of The Glory Of The Lord

A Wonderful Prospect And Plan Of Redemption

We Are God’s Husbandry

Thinking On The One Who Was To Suffer For Us

Doctrine – The Universal Church

Doctrine – The Local Church

Christ Or Antichrist

The Beauty Of Christ

What Are Our Priorities? – Examine Yourself – Me Or Him

Our Risen Christ Brings Peace


The Body – Pt1

The Body – Pt2

The Revealed Christ And His Glory

Divine Intervention

The Prince Of Life Or Prince Of Death

Pillars – God’s Monuments

Praise To The Majesty Of Our God

The Tabernacle – Pt3

The Tabernacle – Pt4

poor sound – The Tabernacle – Pt18

Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness

Man’s Way And God’s Way

Here Am I

We Are Ambassadors For Christ

Significance Of The Bread And The Cup

The Lord Provides

Remembering Himself



The Lord And His Death

He Loved Us

1 Corinthians 15:34-58

Psalm 103:1-22

Sin – As Far As The East Is From The West

Jeremiah 45-46

Acts 7:60-8:25

An Overview Of Revelation 3 – Sardis

poor sound – An Overview Of Revelation 3:7-13

poor sound – An Overview Of Revelation 3:14-22

An Overview Of Revelation 17

An Overview Of Revelation 21 – Pt1

An Overview Of Revelation 21 – Pt2

The Lord Shall Appear, See And Provide

The Redeemer

The Coming Of The Lord

Behaviour And Conduct In The House Of God

Hemmed In

poor sound – Anointment And The Anointed One

The Coming Of The Lord

But God

Things That Are For Time And Eternity


Remembering Him And The New Covenant

poor sound – Thanks

poor sound – Luke 9:18-36, 23:46-48, Hebrews 2:6-9, John 3:2

poor sound – Forgiveness

poor sound – The Lamb Of God

poor sound – Getting The Right Perspective

poor sound – The Glories Of The Lamb Of God

poor sound – The Great Day Of Atonement

poor sound – Spiritual Musts

poor sound – Do All Things To Edify

bad sound – What Shall The End Be Of Them That Obey Not The Gospel Of God?

bad sound – The Cost And The Reason He Was Forsaken

The Greatness Of The Lord – translated to Chinese – bad sound – incomplete