McDowell, Valerie



From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Fellowships at Ashwood Gospel Chapel.

A full-time worker for the Lord. Was at Emmaus Bible College from 1961-1983 teaching English and Public Speaking for the women students. She also taught from the Bible ladies’ camps and meetings, including speaking at Christian Women’s Convention International meetings. She still leads a KYB (Know Your Bible) group in her home.


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Time To Know

Time To Prepare


Reaction To Crisis

The Mind Of Christ In Everyday Living

Our Reaction To Crisis


The Sermon On The Mount – Pt1

The Sermon On The Mount – Pt2


Philippians 2

Philippians 3


Colossians 2

Colossians 3


Authority That Touches Me

God’s Purpose In The Bride



God’s Love In Action


Amos 1-2

Amos 7-9


An Introduction To Ruth

Ruth 1

Ruth 4


2 Peter 2

2 Peter 3


Philippians 1

Philippians 2


The Fatherhood Of God – Pt1

The Fatherhood Of God – Pt2


1 John 1

1 John 3


Emmaus Bible Courses


An Introduction To Esther – Pt1

Esther – Pt2

Esther – Pt3


An Introduction To Romans – Pt1

Struggling With Sin – Pt2

Future Glory – Pt3