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Bowler, Trevor


Born Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Now Brisbane, Queensland. Fellowships at Acacia Ridge Gospel Hall.

Has been involved in Sunday School, youth work and sings in the Brisbane Festival Male Voice Choir. He also teaches and preaches amongst the assemblies.

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Do We Have Enough Faith?

Four Men In Luke 23


Elisha Lifting A Curse


Sayings On The Cross – Forgiveness – Assurance

The Person Of Christ – Tranfiguration – Temptation

The Agonising And Atoning Work Of Christ

The Last Four Sayings Of The Lord From The Cross

The Witness Of Christ – Prophetic Practical Prayers

God’s Great Work – Nehemiah

Cries From The Cross

Faith Tested – Thessalonians

Obstacles To Faith

The Book Of Colossians – Pt1

The Book Of Colossians – Pt2

The Book Of Colossians – Pt3 – Practical Christian Living

The Book Of Colossians – Pt4 – Forgiveness By God

Romans 1

The Just Shall Live By Faith

Challenges From The Life Of Moses – Pt1

Challenges From The Life Of Moses – Pt2

Challenges From The Life Of Moses – Pt3

Challenges From The Life Of Moses – Pt4

Jesus Is Able To Meet Every Need

The Book Of Isaiah – Refreshing Prayer

The Effects Of Sin In Our Lives – Jesus Is Our Only Answer

The Command Of God – Make Haste – To Lot, Zacchaeus And The Children Of Israel

The Power Jesus Christ Demonstrated

A Message To Scattered Christians – Election

The Cross Of Christ And Approaching Christ

Moses And His Contentment

Elisha’s Oil Miracle

Elisha Bringing A Boy Back To Life


The Apostle John

A Challenge To Your Faith

Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God

Practical Christian Living

Obedience To God And The Gospel

Sayings On The Cross – Forgiveness

Sayings On The Cross – Words Of Assurance And Comfort

The Life Of Moses – Difficult Days To Trust God

The Life Of Moses – Obey, Hear, Listen And Grace

The Work Of God’s Enemies – Success

The Glorious Gospel In Paul’s Writtings

The Power Of The Holy Spirit In Lives

What The Gospel Is

The Glorious Lamb

The Invitation To Come

One Thing


A Fool Says No God For Me

Four Writings From God



The Individual’s Responsibility To God

Mary And Martha

Discipleship And Worship


Faith That Heals

The Activity And The Achievement Of The Cross