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Wylie, Tom (1930-2012)


Born Ayrdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Then Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Fellowshipped at Cardiff Gospel Hall.

An elder at the age of 26 at Ayrdrie Gospel Hall, when in Scotland. He was a very keen speaker of the Word of God at conferences and in assemblies. He was in great demand as a speaker when living in Tasmania. He was totally absorbed in the Lord’s work.

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I Saw The Lord High And Lifted Up

God Hath Highly Exalted Him

The Christmas Story

Sayings At Calvary


He Loved Us Unto Death

What Will You Do With Jesus?

I Looked For A Man To Stand In The Gap

Let Us Wholly Follow The Lord

To The Worship Service, Do You Bring Gold, Build With Gold, Are You Gold And Do You Buy Gold?

Why Call Ye Me Lord Lord?

What Is Your Soul Worth?

The Greatness Of The Person Of Christ

Broken Things

Praising And Giving Thanks To The Lord

Was The Lord’s Love Lost?

God’s Wonderful Secret

Was The Lord’s Love Lost? – Pt2

Spreading Your Troubles Before The Lord

Jesus Is Passing This Way

What Value Do We Place On The Lord?

Our Wonderful God


David’s I Ams

Inspiration Of The Word Of God

I Am At The Door

And Destroy Jesus

Where Will You Go When You Die?

Lessons To Be Learnt From Some Of Scriptures – Godly Women

Prepare To Meet Thy God

Let Us Come And Magnify The Person Of Christ

Lord Save Me From Powerless Life, A Blurred Vision, A Lack Of Concern For Souls And A Lack Of Love For The Lord Jesus

The Great Attraction

Shechem And Jacob – Conviction, Contention, Counsel, Counterfiet And Commitment