Promise Box Audio

McGinn, Tom


From Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Fellowshipped at Maranatha Christian Assembly.

All the recordings we have of Tom were made at Maranatha Christian Assembly where he faithfully proclaimed the gospel in word and song.

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The Word Of Faith

To Lose Your Soul Is Such A Loss That No Man Can Restore

Mark 5

Six Sweet Ps In Acts 1

Big Biff’s Baptism

The Incomparable Christ

Yes Lord

One Precious Pearl

The Wedding Banquet


Aquila And Priscilla

Friendship With God

The Lord’s Supper

The World Condemned By The Flood

The Red Cord Of Salvation – Rahab

Three Sweet Ps

1 Peter 1:5-9

Faith And Hope

Hebrews 1:1-3

Hebrews 1:4-14

Crossing The Red Sea

There Shall Come A Star

The Jews, John, Jesus And You

Thoughts On Romans

Idolatrous Gentiles

Justified By Faith – Abraham’s Example

Commencement Of A New Life

A New Longing

Personal Consecration

A Commended Saint

Parables Of Christ – The Use Of Talents



The Three Crosses


The Advantage Of Being A Christian

An Introduction To 1 Thessalonians

The Ark

The Bad Lad And Sad


Firm Foundations – The Beginning Of The World – Pt1

Firm Foundations – The Beginning Of The World – Pt2

Firm Foundations – Pt3

Five Questions About Christmas

Matthew 23

The Life Of Christ

Preparation For The Lord’s Supper

Matthew 28

Peter – The Pilgrim



One Thing


Four Anchors For Life’s Journey

Christian Baptism – Pt1

Christian Baptism – Pt2 – The Example In The Book Of Acts

Christian Baptism – Pt3 – The Explanation In The Epistles

Paul’s Journeys And Four Trembling Men


A Journey To Jerusalem

Mark 14

The New Birth

The Laver – Have You Washed Your Feet Today

Christmas And Worship

Tetelesti – It Is Finished

Death And Eternity

Submission In Marriage – Submitting To Him

An Introduction To 1 Corinthians – Sailing The Four Cs With Paul – Pt1

An Introduction To 1 Corinthians – Pt2

An Introduction To 1 Corinthians – Pt3

An Introduction To 1 Corinthians – Pt4

The Founder And The Foundation


The Precious Blood Of Jesus

The Lord’s Supper


1 Corinthians 13:1-13

How To Be Stirred Up


Lessons From The Swallow And The Raven

Four Listeners

The Precious Blood

The Birth Of Christ

Judges And Kings

Peter’s Pilgrim’s Progress

Amens At The End Of The Gospels

Freely By Grace

The Message Of The Candy

The Samaritan Woman

God’s Greatest Gift

Why Jesus Came

Poverty, Purity And Prayer

God Loves You

Let No Man Glory In Men

Peace, Flesh And Blood

The A B C Of Salvation

An Introduction To 1 Peter

The Passover Lamb

Worthy Is The Lamb

The Roman Road To Glory

Why Did God Send His Son?

A General Certificate Of Happiness

John’s Gospel

The Christmas Gospel

A Mother’s Day Message