Heasley, Tom


From Toowoomba, Australia.

Fellowships at Mackenzie Street Christian Assembly.

A well respected Bible teacher. We have recordings of him speaking at several assemblies throughout Brisbane and a couple of recordings for the radio program, Sacred Half Hour.

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Marriage In Principle And Practice – Questions And Answers


Justification Or Works


Marriage – Teenage Years – Pt1a

Marriage – Teenage Years – Pt1b

Marriage – Teenage Years – Pt2a

Marriage – Teenage Years – Pt2b


Romans – Pt1

Romans – Pt2

Romans – Pt3a

Romans – Pt3b

Romans – Pt4

Romans – Pt5

Romans 8


Hosea 6:6

Hosea, Amos, Obadiah And Jonah


Making Decisions That Please God – Pt1 – Decisions Concerning Salvation

Making Decisions That Please God – Pt2 – Decisions Concerning Christian Life

Parables Of Jesus – Pt3 – The Parable Of The Sower And Seed




Repentance, Regeneration, Renewal And Revival – Pt1

Repentance, Regeneration, Renewal And Revival – Pt2


The Home

Propitiation, Redemption And Reconciliation

The Lord’s Supper – Our Mode Of Worship

Worldliness – What Is It?

What Does It Mean To Be Blessed?


Gospel Story 1

Gospel Story 2

Gospel Story 3


John The Baptist – Pt1

John The Baptist – Pt2


The Christian And The Spiritual Conflict – Pt1

The Local Church

Divine Election

Why Do People Believe The Gospel?

Continue In The Things Thou Hast Learned

Psalm 32:1-11

Lessons From The Book Of Jude

The Marriage Of A King’s Son


Marriage In Principle And Practice – Pt2 – Marriage In The New Testament

Leo Strahan, Tom Heasley And Paul Iles – Marriage In Principle And Practice – Pt4 – Questions And Answers


The Feature Of The Local Church


The Overcomers – Pt1

The Overcomers – Pt2

The Overcomers – Pt3


The Great Commision – Pt1a

The Great Commision – Pt1b

The Great Commision – Pt2a

The Great Commision – Pt2b


Belief In Jesus Christ Saves

Liberation From Sin

The Lord’s Relationship To World – Compassion

Problems – Evil Gets Worse – Corruption – God’s Amazing Grace

The Trinity

Perfect – Action In Christian Living

Worldliness In The Four Gospels


The Unfolding Drama Of Redemption

Lessons From Life Of Lamech


Assurance Of Salvation

False Profession – The Answer – Abide In Christ

Belief Convinced Commitment


Forgiving One Another



Sin – Coming Short God Standards

Love In Practice



Background To The Epistle Of Hebrews – Pt1

The Great High Priest – Pt2

The Book Of Hebrews – Pt3


The Poor Man – Lazarus

A Certain Samaritan

A Father’s Love

The Parable Of The Pharisee And The Tax Collector


Children – The Example Of Christ

Issues That Face The Family – Satan’s Work

The Husband And Wife Relationship


Darkness To Light

Church Association

Mission, Vision And Outcome For The Church


Contrast – Conversion Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

Unity, Maturity And Increase In Love

The New Covenant



After Death – Hell

Heaven Or Hell


Dangers Of Error

The God Of Hope, Faith And Love

The Resurrection Life Of Believer


The Last Days Mentioned In New Testament – Pt1

The Last Days Mentioned In New Testament – Pt2


Gone In The Way Of Cain – Pt1

The Book Of Jude – The Central Theme – Pt2

Jude – Pt3


The Sower – Pt1 – The Wayside Hearer

The Sower – Pt2 – No Root

The Sower – Pt3 – Seed Among Thorns – Good Ground


Vices And Virtues – Pt1

bad sound – Vices And Virtues – Pt2



Eternal Life


The Last Week Of The Lord’s Life – Pt1 – His Triumphal Entry

The Last Week Of The Lord’s Life – Pt2

The Last Week Of The Lord’s Life – Pt3 – Mary Anoints Jesus


Defence Of The Christian Faith – Pt1

The Transforming Power Of Faith – Pt2


The Book Of Acts – Pt1 – Prayer And Preaching

The Coming Of The Holy Spirit – Pt2


Two Commandments Of The Law And The Gospel


Humble Yourselves And Trust In God – Pt1

The Suffering Of God’s Servant – Pt2


The Minor Prophets – Pt1

God Knows Those Who Trust In Him – Pt2


For The Grace Of God Has Appeared To All Men



Our Lord’s Prayer To His Father – Pt1

Our Lord’s Prayer To His Father – Pt2

Our Lord’s Prayer To His Father – Pt3


Moses And His Faith

James – Summing Up


Hebrews – Pt1

Bad Sound – Hebrews – Pt2

Hebrews – Pt3