Promise Box Audio

Carson, Tom


From Sydney, Australia. Fellowshipped with the Eastwood Christian Fellowship, then known as Eastwood Gospel Chapel.

A well respected Bible teacher in Sydney who lectured at Emmaus Bible College.

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True Humility

I Am The Vine – Abide In Me

The Deity And Humanity Of Christ

Different Translations Of The Bible

Peace With God

Spiritual Gifts – 1 Corinthians 12:1-13

incomplete – Spirituals Gifts – Pt2 – 1 Corinthians 12

Spiritual Gifts – Pt3 – Romans 12:1-8

poor sound – Pentecost

Speaking In Tongues

Miraculous Gifts – Pt1

Miraculous Gifts – Pt2

poor sound – The Authorised Version – incomplete

poor sound – Christadelphians And Jehovah’s Witnesses

Israel And Her Blindness

Romans 11 – Pt2

Rejoice In The Lord

Prayer – Pt1

Prayer – Pt2

Inward Spiritual Conflict

Walking In The Spirit

The Conditions And Hinderances Of Prayer

The Presence, Power And Fullness Of The Holy Spirit

The Rapture And The Church In Glory

The Basics

2 Peter 1:1-12

A Right Sense Of Values

A Model Church

The Baptism And Filling Of The Holy Spirit

20 New Things In 2 Corinthians 4-5 – Pt2

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

Christ Our Joy And Strength

Colossians 4

Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of God

Christian Ethics – Pt1

Christian Ethics – Pt2

Christian Ethics – Pt3

Christian Ethics – Pt4

Church Discipline – Pt1

Church Discipline – Pt2

Church Discipline – Pt3

Church Discipline – Pt4

An Introduction To Judges

2 Timothy 1:1-18

The Upper Room Ministry

Malachi 1:1-5

Every Spiritual Blessing

Filling Of The Holy Spirit

The Leading Of The Holy Spirit


The Lord’s Supper As We Observe It In The Assemblies – Pt1

The Lord’s Supper As We Observe It In The Assemblies – Pt2

God’s Master Plan For The Local Church

The Lord’s And Paul’s Teaching Concerning Discipline

The Warnings In Hebrews

Signs And Wonders

The Holy Spirit And Prayers In Acts

Dorcas And Lydia


Interpreting The Bible – Pt1

Interpreting The Bible – Pt2

Interpreting The Bible – Pt3

An Introduction To Romans – Paul’s Blueprint For The Christian Life

Living In The Light Of His Coming

The Holy Spirit In Romans 8 – Pt1

The Holy Spirit In Romans 8 – Pt2

All Things Work Together For Good

Why I Am Still With The Assemblies

Christ In The Scriptures

Christ’s Deity And Humanity

Husbands And Wives

I Am The Door And I Am The Good Shepherd

Our Responsibility To God

1 Corinthians 5:6,13

The Bible – Its Inspiration Purpose And Versions

His Abiding Ministry

The Lord’s Self Portraits – I Am The Light Of The World

Growth And Change

Tom Carson, Ian McDowell And Stewart McNaught – bad sound – Questions And Answers

A Tribute To A Beloved Brother – In Memory Of Tom Carson

The Mind Of Christ And The Mind Of The Pharisee

The Mind Of Christ – Pt2

The Links In The Salvation Of Naaman

The Young Person’s Book – Proverbs

Our Example – Paul

Commissioning A Missionary

The Problem Of Maintaining Spirituality In A Materialistic Society

A Life Of Service – Sacrifice Rejoicing In The Lord

The Model Church

The Parable Of The Sower

The Parable Of The Unjust Steward

In Christ

Christ In You

The Fact And The Value Of The Trinity

The Fact, Value And Mystery Of The Trinity

Roman Catholicism – The Church – Pt1

Roman Catholicism – The Church – Pt2

Holy Spirit – His Presence And Power

Holy Spirit – The Challenge Of His Coming

Salvation – Its Present Aspect

Entire Sanctification

Creation Explained

Evolution Discussed

The Baptism Of The Spirit

The Filling Of The Spirit

Peace With God

The Peace Of God

An Outline of Romans 7

An Outline of Romans 8

He Is Lord Of All

Paul’s Prayer

Divine Guidance Or How To Know The Will Of God

Conditions For And How To Pray

The Consummation Of The Church – Heaven

Christ Lives In Me

Christ Lives In Me And The Believer’s Relationships

The Scriptural Basis Of Christian Unity

Why I Am A Christian – Pt1 – The Miracle Of The Bible

Why I Am A Christian – Pt2 – The Miracle Of Christ

The Exodus – Viewed Historically – Pt1

The Exodus – In The Old Testament – Pt2

The Exodus – In The New Testament – Pt3

Justification – Pt1

Justification – Pt2

The Gospel – What Is It?

Principles In Presenting The Gospel


Come Unto Me

Works Of The Flesh And Fruits Of The Spirit

The Filling Of The Holy Spirit

The Christian And Sanctification

The Power Of Resurrection

Is The New Testament Scripture?

The Names Of Jehovah

Be Angry And Sin Not

Open Things

The Seed And The Sower

1 Peter 1:1-9

1 Peter 1:9-25

Seven Never Forgets

Deuteronomy 26:1-10

Ephesians 5:1-14

Ephesians 5:15-20

1 John 3:2-9

James 2:14-26

James 5:13-20

Divine Healing

James 1 – Pt1

James 1 – Pt2

James 2 – Pt3

Sermon On The Mount – Pt1

Instructions To Family Members And Servants

Worship – Pt1

Worship – Pt2

Worship At The Lord’s Supper – Pt3

The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2 – The Ark And The Mercy Seat

The Tabernacle – Pt3 – The Table Of Shewbread

The Tabernacle – Pt4 – Golden Lampstand And Golden Altar

The Tabernacle – Pt5 – The Brazen Altar and The Brazen Laver

The Tabernacle – Pt6 – The Structure

The Tabernacle – Pt7 – The Frame And Veils

The Tabernacle – Pt8 – The Consecration Of Priests

The Tabernacle – Pt9 – Summing Up

Romans 14:1-13


John 5:31-47 – Pt1

John 5:31-47 – Pt2

Fruits Of The Spirit – Love

The Works Of The Flesh – Selfish Ambitions

Fruits Of The Spirit – Joy

Fruits Of The Spirit – Peace

Fruits Of The Spirit – Self-Control

Fruits Of The Spirit – Thankfulness

Fruits Of The Spirit – Faithful People

The Cup

Psalm 23:1-6

Psalm 103:1-22

Salvation – Pt1

Salvation – Pt3

2 Corinthians 5:17



Elders – Qualifications, Work And Recognition

Christ At God’s Right Hand

Acts 1:1-26

Acts 2

Church Welfare

Spiritual Gifts

Revelation 3:8-22

Hebrews 1

Christ’s Humanity

Philippians 1:1-11

Philippians 1:27-2:2

An Introduction To 1 John

1 John 1:1-2:2


Romans 8

Christ In You

Ye In Me And I In You

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

The Filling Of The Spirit

Jesus Is The Way

Preserving Unity In The Local Church

The Mormons

Three Verses In Hebrews – Succour, Sympathise And Save

Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers – Pt2

Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Trinity

Spiritual Gifts – 1 Corinthians 12:1-13

The Fruit Of The Spirit – Love

The Fruit Of The Spirit – Joy

The Qualifications Of Elders

Questions And Answers On Elders

Philippians 3:17-4:1 – Pt1

Philippians 4:1-9 – Pt2

Philippians 4:10-23 – Pt3


From Jacob To Israel

The Life Of Joseph

The Christian And Heaven

Fruit Of The Spirit – Peace, Longsuffering, Temperance – Pt1

Fruit Of The Spirit – Peace, Longsuffering, Temperance – Pt2

The Kingdom Parables – Introduction – Pt1

The Kingdom Parables – The Sower – Pt2

The Kingdom Parables – Pt3 – The Tares, The Mustard Seed And The Leaven

The Kingdom Parables – Pt4 – The Treasure, The Pearl, The Net And The Householder

Husbands Love Your Wives

The Christian’s Place In The World

The Problem Of Maintaining Spirituality In Relation To The Materialistic Age In Which We Live

Spiritual Gifts Today

Miracles, Tongues And Healing

Revelation – The Seven Churches Introduction And Ephesus

The Seven Churches – Laodicea

Nehemiah 6:6-13:31



Eli And David

Rehoboam And Jeroboam

The Upper Room Ministry – Pt4

Your Friend Lazarus Is Sick

The Raising Of Lazarus

Christ’s Superiority To Prophets And Angels

What Church Should We Attend?

What Should We Be?

Psalms Of Comfort

Divine Healing

Prayer Of Faith

Faith And Works

Family Security

Questions Answered By A Panel – Including Tom Carson And Howard Wilson

The Fruit Of The Spirit

Once I Was Blind, But Now I Can See – incomplete

20 New Things In 2 Corinthians 4-5 – Pt1

20 New Things In 2 Corinthians 4-5 – Pt3

20 New Things In 2 Corinthians 4-5 – Pt4

20 New Things In 2 Corinthians 4-5