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Salmond, Ted


Born Durban, South Africa. Now Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Fellowships at Hebron Gospel Hall Booval.

Ted has now known the Lord as his Saviour for nearly fifty years as he is now 85. He is still learning more about the Lord every day and has done from the time of his salvation.

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Testimony – Trust

Genesis 22

How Much Do We Really Love The Lord?

A Bible Study With A Difference – Pt1 – Do You Want To Become A Christian?

A Bible Study With A Difference – Pt2 – Why Didn’t The Jews Mix With Samaritans?

A Bible Study With A Difference – Pt3 – God’s Will Overcoming And Listening

Saul, Saul, Why Persecutest Thou Me? – The Love Of The Saints

Preaching The Gospel – Ted And Agnus Serving The Lord


What Is Spirituality?


Ted Salmond’s Testimony