Ford, Stan


From Dorset, UK.


His ministry resulted in as many as thirteen new assemblies in Britain by 1970. This photo was taken on one of his Bible teaching trips to Australia.



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Outline Of Luke’s Gospel

The Love Of God

Song Of Solomon 5:9-16

Spiritual Leadership


Marks Of A Believer

Marks Of A Christian In Cornelius And Peter


1 Corinthians

The Second Coming Of Christ

The Word Of God

Winning Christ

Spiritual Arithmetic – Addition And Multiplication

Are Your Garners Full?

Christ In His People


Hebrews – Pt1

Hebrews – Pt2

Hebrews – Pt3

Hebrews – Pt4

Hebrews – Pt5

Hebrews – Pt6


Nehemiah – Pt1

Nehemiah – Pt2

Nehemiah – Pt3

Nehemiah – Pt4

Nehemiah – Pt5

Nehemiah – Pt6

Nehemiah – Pt7


1 Corinthians – Pt1a

1 Corinthians – Pt1b

Disagreements – 1 Corinthians 11 – Pt2a

Disagreements – 1 Corinthians 14 – Pt2b



Below are 11 more recordings of Stan’s recordings as comment/links.