Savage, Roy


From Tasmania, Australia. Fellowships with the Midway Point Christian Fellowship.

Served the Lord as a teenager at CYC at Eltham Park, later becoming Chair of the Executive Council of CYC of South Australia and he has served on the board of Blue Lagoon Christian Camp and Conference Centre. After his teen years he did Youth work and Boys rally. As a qualified teacher he responding to God’s call he moved to Adelaide and worked at Maranatha Christian Assembly and School. He was also on the Board of Brethren Assemblies Building Assistance Fund and was a marriage celebrant. He has been an elder in three assemblies, teaching and preaching in them and many other assemblies. He has also preached in China, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

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Christian Schools

Christian Youth Camps

Bear One Another

2 Peter 1:1-11

A Friend In Need

Lost Silver



Acts 12:1-19

Acts 19:1-41

The Scriptures

Christ The Son Of God

Who Was Jesus Father?

Leaders In Worship

A Considerate Brother

The Foundation Of Marriage

The Fig Tree

Christmas Message

The Joy Of Heaven

The Vision Of God

The Biblical World View

Romans 5

Christmas Service

New And Old Treasures

New And Old Treasures – Pt2

What We Believe – Pt1

What We Believe – Pt2

What We Believe – Pt3

The One Another Factory – Pt1

The One Another Factory – Pt2

1 Peter 1:3-9

Mark 10:13-16


Matthew 26:14-25,46-50, 27:3-5

Stewardship – Pt1

Stewardship – Pt2

Stewardship – Pt3


Mark 15:1-25


The Ten Lepers

What’s In A Name

Believer Priests

Good Friday Message – Luke 22:39-51

Easter Sunday Message

Hide God’s Word In Your Heart

The Resurrection

Not Ashamed

The Inevitable Verdict

Prepared And Available

The Biblical Vision Of The Local Church – Pt1

The Biblical Vision Of The Local Church – Pt2

The Biblical Vision Of The Local Church – Pt3

The Commendation Of A New Love

The Word Of Faith

Full Restoration

Distribution Of Money In Marriage

Resolution Of Conflict In Marriage

The Parable Of The Building

Matthew 13:51

The Nobleman


Giving To The Lord

The Raising Of Lazarus


True Values


Don’t Hinder The Children

Shutting The Gate

Listen, Hear And Do

Is There A Cause?

Firm Foundations – Pt1 -Their Origins

Firm Foundations – Pt2 – Their Accuracy

Firm Foundations – Pt3 – What Is God Like?

Firm Foundations – Pt4 – The Scriptures

Acts 8

Acts 14

Acts 13:2-12


An Introduction To Hebrews

Hebrews 1:1-4

The End Of The World

Christmas Message – Luke 2:8-20, John 19:1- 24,28-30

A Christian’s Biography

How God Speaks

The Festival Of Marion

Read And Obey The Word

Good Friday Message

Easter Sunday Message

Satan And His Lies

The Call Of Abraham

Church Leadership – Pt1 – Introduction

Church Leadership – Pt2 – Believer Priests

Church Leadership – Pt3 – Overseers

Church Leadership – Pt4

Church Leadership – Pt5

What’s The Point?

The Ten Commandments

Repent, Destroy And Trust

The Mustard Seed

Church Discipline

The Vineyard

The Lord And The Servants

Man’s Towers

Idolising Nature