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McLuckie, Robert (1928-)


Born Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Now Northern Ireland.

Commended as a missionary to British Guiana by the saints at New Stevenston Gospel Hall, serving there, spreading the gospel, teaching the Bible and establishing Emmaus Bible lessons. He returned to Scotland in 1966. Moving to Dublin, Ireland, in 1967 to reach a largely unevangelised population through open air meetings and the Dublin Bible Exhibition, which was a mobile unit built on a bus chasis which allowed him to promote the Holy Scriptures, preach and it served as accommodation. He also spoke and preached in North America, the Caribbean Islands, Egypt, Singapore, Australia, Mozambique and the Faroe Islands.

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The Rememberance Feast

The Love Of God


Report On Guyana

The Assembly Pictured In The Garden Of Eden

The Gospel Work In The Republic Of Ireland

The Cross – Gospel

The Holy Trinity

Report On Ireland

John 3:14-21

Gospel – Romans 3:19-28

The Holy Spirit – Pt1

The Ascension Of Christ – Pt2

Angels That Sing – Pt3

Under The Shadow Of The Cross – Pt4

Missionary Report – Egypt – Pt5

The Local Church – Pt6

Peter – The Disciple Who Loved The Lord – Pt7

John 3:14-21

Great Things

The Ascension

A New Testament Apostle – Pt1

A New Testament Apostle – Pt2

A New Testament Evangelist

A New Testament Church

Missionary Report – The Work In Ireland

I Have Called You Friends


Why Should We Pray?

The Glory Of The Lord

Lessons Of Love To Be Learnt From The Apostle John

The Many Convincing Proofs Of The Lord’s Resurrection – Ye Shall Receive Power

Missionary Report 1995

For God So Loved The World

The Light Is Sweet

How Can I Be Saved?

The Cross

Eternal Life

The Cross – Pt2

The Aroma Of The Garments Of The Lord – Myrrh, Aloes And Cassia

But Lost

Nicodemus – Ye Must Be Born Again

Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ And Thou Shalt Be Saved

Report On Guyana And Northern Ireland

Romans 3:19-28

The Queen Of Sheba – Too Proud, Too Busy And Too Far

The Greatness Of God And His Great Salvation

The Christian Life

Gospel – Pt1 – Hebrews 2:1-3, 5:8 Jude 3

Gospel – Pt2 – Luke 14:35-15:24

The Ascension Of Christ – Pt3

Nicodemus – Gospel – Pt4

Report On Egypt And Guyana – Pt5

The Faroe Islands – Pt6