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Wilson, Ray


Born Belfast, Ireland, then to Sydney, Australia. Now Brisbane. Fellowships with the Bethany assembly.

An elder in Bethany Assembly, Brisbane and engaged in Bible teaching in South East Queensland. A medical practitioner, now working part-time in skin cancer treatment.

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Nehemiah 3:1-32



Josiah – Our Last Days

The Rejected King

Apostolic Authority For Our Coming Together

Lessons To Be Learnt From The Miracle Of The Wine

Churchward, Worldward And Selfward

God Will Provide Himself A Lamb

Not Unto Us But Unto Thy Name Give Glory

Judging In The Local Church

Conversion And Assurance Of Salvation

Testimonies told by Ray Wilson Of Mavis Scott, Phillip Murray And Jonathan Au

The Purpose Of Baptism

Them That Love God

Let Us Be Ready When He Comes

Striving Together In The Work Of The Lord

Trust In Him At All Times

To Him That Overcometh

Truths Learnt And Revealed The Night Nicodemus Visited The Lord Jesus

Satan Our Adversary Is A Defeated Enemy

Let Us Give Our Best To The Lord

Our Willing Consecration

Head Covering And The Headship Of Christ

Kneeling In Surrender, Worship And Dependence

A Test Of The Reality Of Our Profession

Lack Of Worship Because Of Dumb Priests

Calvary – The Meeting Point Of Humanity

Lessons From The Life Of Abel

Six Wonders In A Prime Ministers Conversion


Let Us Now Go To Bethlehem And See This Thing That Has Come To Pass

Three Necessities He Should Suffer, Rise From The Dead, Repentance Preached

The Rapture

James 1:1-27

Hebrews 1-2

Hebrews 3:1-4:11

Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah 2:1-10

2 Samuel 2:1-32


The Lord Of The Sabbath

Acts 27:1-44

Job 18:1-21

Matthew 12:22-37

Daniel 5:1-31

A Servant Who Can Do Many Things

God’s Rest

The Sovereignty Of The Holy Spirit

The Features Of A New Testament Church

God Visiting Mankind In The Person Of His Son

Tried With Fire

Five Houses And Their Application To The Christian Walk

Prevaricating, Professing And Procrastinating

Little Children Keep Yourselves From Idols

By Their Fruit Ye Shall Know Them

Valuing Our Great Privileges In Christ

Cultivation Of Meekness

O Lord Revive Thy Work

The Gold Of The Bible

The Shepherd And The Lamb Are The Lord

The Laughs Of The Bible

The Barriers To Worship

The Battle Between Good And Evil

Nine Groups Of Personalities To Which The Lord Is Greater

Man’s Extremity Is God’s Opportunity

Hannah – The Bitterness Of Barrenness


The Marks Of Those Who Are Born Of God

Why Can We Trust The Bible?

Pleasing God

The Lord’s Second Coming

Who Is It To Be Caesar Or Christ?

Preaching The Gospel

A New Testament Church

The Christian’s Ministry, Selfward, Worldward, Saintward And Christward

Names Of God And Lessons To Be Learnt

Events Preceding The Lord’s Coming

Events Surrounding And Subsequent To The Lord’s Coming

Job – The Shadow

Job – The Saint

Oh That Thou Wilt Bless Us And Enlarge Our Coast


Three Descriptions Of Believers – Branches, Disciples And Friends


Erecting Pillars Of Testimony On Our Earthly Journey

The Proverbial Physician

God’s Sovereign Rule Over And Through His People


Seven Events Around The Lord’s Return

The Fruit Of The Vine

The Abiding Presence Of The Lord

Lessons To Be Learnt From The Life Of Lions

Lessons To Be Learnt From Pilate

Spiritual Lessons To Be Drawn From The Eagle – Strength, Sight And Swiftness

The Reasons For Christians Gathering Together

Figures Of Gospel Witness

The Many Titles Of Our Shepherd

The Time Of Our Lives

The Names Of God


The Trinity


The Lordship Of Christ

Lukewarmness, Apathy And Pride In Today’s Churches

Trouble, Triumph And Trust

Jesus In The Midst

Practical Lessons From The Jewish Remnant

God’s Volunteer

Fire Fighting

The Lord Knoweth The Way Of The Righteous

Deborah – Fighting Against Great Odds

Failure Is Not Final

Priorities Of The Christian Life

Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?

Hezekiah – What Joy Results In Obedience To God

God Desires Repentance And Straight Forward Spiritual Progress

The Lord’s Five Fold Priorities

God’s Grace

Time Marker When And Then

Where Do You Come? – From Whom Do You Belong? – Are You That Egyptian?

Is There A Deeper Meaning To Life?

This Present Age Day Of Grace

The Joy That Comes Through The Lord Jesus

An Overview Of Job – The Trial Of Our Faith Is More Precious Than Gold To God

Why Will You Go?

The Purpose And Importance Of Devotional Life

Time Is Short – The Urgency And Priorities For Our Life


Why The Lord’s Return Should Thrill Us

Heaven Our Eternal Home

poor sound – Song Of Degrees – The Blessing Of Unity Amongst God’s People

First Learning And Then Teaching

The Prophetic Program For Israel And The Church

How Great Thou Art

The Debt Of Love We Owe

Five Things Associated With The Veil – Authority, Testimony, Security, Privacy And Indecency

A Spiritual Stocktake

The Christian Family

A Lesson On Courtesy And Christian Love

poor sound – An Overview Of Jeremiah – The Weeping Prophet The True Forerunner Of Christ

An Overview Of Lamentations – A Great Foreshadowing Of Christ

Our Privileges And Responsibilities At The Lord’s Table – Pt1

Our Privileges And Responsibilities At The Lord’s Table – Pt2

How We Can Come To Know The Lord Jesus

The Titles And Glory Of God

The Lovingkindness Of God

Features We Can Emulate From The Life Of Daniel

Let Our Desire Be To Enlarge Our Coast

Lessons To Be Learnt From The Life Of Mary Mother Of Jesus

Joseph The Husband Of Mary

What Side Of The Line Are You On?

An Overview Of Habakkuk – From Depression To Confidence, Joy And Hope

Simple But Active Acceptance Of The Will Of God

The Triumphs Of Faith

God Is No Respecter Of Persons


In The Night Season How Are We Growing?

God Is The Keeper Of His People

Remember – Never Let Us Forget

The Lord’s Coming

An Overview Of Revelation 2:1-11

Gathering Together

An Overview Of Revelation 2:12-29

The Headship Of Christ – Pt1

The Headship Of Christ – Pt2

Flee From The Wrath To Come

The Essentials Of Worship

The Principles Of Evangelism – Vision, Passion And Mission





In The Temple

Marvelling At The Power Of Christ

The Divine Remedy

God Desires Us To Be Fruit Bearers

Four Things

Sailing With Paul

The Local Church

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt1 – Old Testament

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt3 – Old Testament – Glorifying God