Wilson, Phil



Born Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Now Ballina. Fellowships with the Westside Community Church.


Involved in preaching, teaching and training in the church.


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Encouraging By Being An Authentic Role Model

Putting The Gospel First

The Importance Of Doctrine – Food For Faith

How Jesus Is The Answer To Our Problems


Four Encouragements As We Lives In Times Of Discouragement

Why The Lord’s Resurrection Is So Special

God Has Spoken Unto Us By His Son – incomplete

Inheriting Promises

Are You In The Then Or The Now?

Evidence Of Obvious Conversion – incomplete

Death Is No Longer A Problem



Five Minutes After I Die


God Revealed Himself To Us

What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?

The Exercise Of Faith

I Am The Light Of The World

Be Ye Reconciled To God

Peace With God

Our Great Need Of Spiritual Watching And Prayer


The Cost Of Christianity

The Walk Of The Christian

Our Responsibility And Reaction To The Lord Jesus Christ

That He Might Be Our All In All

Why The Lord Jesus Came

Important Points Of Evangelism

The Christian Race



Blessed Are All They That Put Their Trust In Him

Crucified With Christ

Viewing Ourself In The Service Of The Lord

The Picture Of A Perfect Man

Excuses For Unbelief

Be Strong And Of Good Courage – God Is With Us


The Law Of Moral Retribution

The Portrait Of A Pharisee

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Holding Fast

The New Testament Gospel

The Pursuit Of Perfection

The World’s Most Unique And Important Event


God’s Heart Cry To His People

Christ The Only Way To Spiritual Growth And Maturity

Are There Few That Be Saved?

A Model Of How We Should Relate To Each Other? – poor sound

Six Hinderances To Entering Into The Kingdom Of God

What It Means To Be A Disciple



Having A Burden For Our Local Brothers And Sisters

Messianic Psalms

The Wonder Of God’s Sovereign Grace In Choosing Us

Jeremiah 37:1-21


The Old And New Covenants

The Promise Of God – Blessing Forever

The Church


The Son Of God – Who Do Men Say That I Am? – Pt1

The Son Of God – Who Do Men Say That I Am? – Pt2


The Virgin Birth





The Kingdom Of Heaven

Christ – The Answer To Life