Promise Box Audio

Clines, Peter


From Sydney, Australia. Fellowships at Oatley Gospel Chapel.

A self-supporting full time Christian worker. Available for Bible teaching and preaching in assemblies when invited. Used to do Scripture teaching in schools.

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John 17:1-5

John 18:1-27

Christ – Pt1

Christ – Pt2 – The Work Of Christ

The New Birth

Philippians 2

The Psalms

The Wrath Of God

What Is The New Birth?

What Has First Priority In Our Life?

A Vital Question And Its Answer

Why Paul’s Testimony Is So Important

Four Essentials In The Work Of Evangelism

2 Kings 17:1-6

Sacrificing For Others

Judges 2:10-23

Four Biblical Necessities God Requires

The Gospel Not Just To Be Listened To But Obeyed

Whatever Happened To The Human Race

Three Steps To Understanding Jesus Christ

poor sound – What Does It Mean To Persevere And Be Humble In Prayer

Weighed And Found Wanting

The Christian’s God


What Is The Greatest Problem In The World?

How Can A Man Be Just Before God?

A Giving God – A Receiving Christ

A Bit About Fanny Crosby Who Wrote About 9000 Hymns

The Best News In The World

The Rapture Of The Church

The Sad Man

New Beginnings

A Brilliant Discovery

Recognising Our True Standing Before The Lord

Four Searching Questions

Our Duty To Grow In Grace And Knowledge Of Jesus Christ


The Gospel Of The Grace Of God

Should I Be Worried About Satan?

Jonah 1 And Jonah 3

A Challenge To Godly Living

Living In The Light Of Jesus Return

God’s Salvation

John 12:1-6,12-16

John 11:1-54

Joseph – Pt1

Joseph – Pt2

Joseph – Pt3

Joseph – Pt4

The Bread Of Life

Isaiah 6-12