Primrose, Paul


From Sydney, Australia. Fellowships at Bexley Gospel Hall.


Was saved at the age of 18 due to the witness of Christian Youth Camps and the assembly at Erskineville.
He has attended the assembly at Bexley since 1975, spending most of his time in youth and Sunday School work.


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There Is Salvation For Criminals

Rescue Through God’s Mercy

The Parable Of The Wicked Vinedressers

Jesus – Who He Is And What He Has Done For Us?

How Shall We Escape If We Neglect So Great Salvation?

Recognising Our Need Is A Must

The One Nailed To The Cross – Who, Why And What Responsibility Does This Place On Us?


Your Choice – Wages Or Gift

Looking At Our Relationship With Christ Through The Life Of Peter

Our Security, Refuge And Fortress

Christ Coming To Earth Was No Accident

Three Different Perspectives Of The Lamb Of God

Heart – It’s Not The Outward Condition That Counts With God

The Power Of His Name


An Overview Of Psalm 22

An Overview Of Psalm 32

An Overview Of Psalm 72

An Overview Of Psalm 137-138


How Do I Get To Heaven?

Cleansed And Made Whole

Personal Testimony – I Am The Resurrection And The Life

The Attitude Many Have Toward Christmas

poor sound – The Great I AM

poor sound – The Tabernacle – Aspects Pointing To The Lord



God Has Solved The Penalty For Sin

Daniel 5:1-11,13-14,16-20,22-23,25-28,30-31, Acts 2

Our Good Shepherd


Hebrews 1:1-14

Damaged But Remade



The Significance Of The Burning Bush

The Safety Of Belonging To The Good Shepherd

I Am The Only One Who Gives True Life

Free Grace

Look And Live

What Do You Think Of Christ?