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Kulikovsky, Paul


Born Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Then Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Now Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Philippines. Commended by Church@ParaVista, Adelaide.

His ministry has been and is as follows: 1985-88 GLO team church planting in Quezon City Philippines (2 churches).  Teacher training and teaching 1989-1993. Guiuan church planting 1994 to current date and two recent church plants. He has roles in bible teaching, mentoring of young leaders, practical support and building an Initiate Christian Preschool 1997 and a Primary School 2011.

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Principles Of Outreach

Missionary Report The Philippines – 1994

Missionary To The Philippines – 1998

What’s In A Name?

The War

His Ministry In The Philippines – 2008