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Other Credits


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Barbara Feehely who is now digitising hundreds of cassettes, making them ready for this website.

Maurice Helwig, of Acacia Ridge Gospel Hall, who also works with the Queensland Mailbox Bible Club, for his ongoing help in setting up this website, hardware and with coding problems.

Dale Helwig for setting up and continuing support in running the server from which this website runs.

Jason Dorsett for helping rebuild the website, so its easier to search.

Tim Akehurst, our son, for helping with artwork and coding.

Colin Winrow who runs the NSW Christian Brethren website, for editing recordings, technical and coding advice.

Melissa Mariancuic for editing recordings.

Dwight Beavers and Mike Flester from the Voices For Christ website.

Peter Chamberlain for doing the initial digitising of Hugh & Marie Fletcher’s recordings and encouraging Hugh to continue with the others.

Heather and Ian Fletcher for helping their father (Hugh) while digitising.

Many others not mentioned, yet their help is much appreciated. This includes assemblies and individuals who have provided their collections of cassettes for digitising.