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Sheen, Noel (-2012)


From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Fellowshipped at Holland Park Gospel Chapel.

Was head of Emmaus Correspondence Schools in south-east Asia and had a ministry to prisoners in Brisbane.

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Ephesians – Pt1

Ephesians – Pt2

Ephesians – Pt3

Ephesians – Pt4

Ephesians – Pt5

Studies In Mark – Pt1

Studies In Mark – Pt2

Studies In Mark – Pt3

Studies In Mark – Pt4

Studies In Mark – Pt5

Studies In Mark – Pt6

Studies In Mark – Pt7

Nehemiah – Pt1

Nehemiah – Pt2

Nehemiah – Pt3

Nehemiah – Pt4

Going On To Maturity

Spiritual Values

Spiritual Worship

The Nature Of The Bible

The Needs Of The Church

Missionary Service

A Satanist Saved

Emmaus Correspondence Report

Proclaim The Message

Mark – Pt1

Mark 1:1-6 – Pt2

Mark 3 – Pt3

The Galilean Ministry – Pt4

Healing The Sick And Calling The Disciples – Pt5

The First Parables – Pt6

Mark – Pt7

Emmaus Correspondence School

The Gift Of Tongues

Missionary Work In Africa

Don’t Be Alarmed

Rich And Immoral Corinth

Lessons From The Life Of Joseph

Words – The Tongue And Meekness

God’s Righteous Judgement

The Resurrection – The Words Of Christ

The Lord’s Supper

Billions Without God And Without Hope

The Providence Of God

The Silence Of God

A Call To Service – Removal Of A Demon

The Compassion Of The Lord – Two Miracles

Salvation In The Christian Home

The Mind Of Christ

Testimony To Emmaus Bible Courses

The Seven Churches – Laodicea

Significant Happenings In The Early Church

Teachings From Galatians

Hannah And Samuel

Jesus Teaches – Family – Fruitfulness And Fear

Jesus Casts Out Demons And Two Miracles Of Healing

Jesus Visits Nazareth – The Twelve Sent Forth – The Murder Of John The Baptist

The Last Week In The Lord’s Earthly Ministry

The Power Of The Holy Spirit Over Flesh – Liberty In The Holy Spirit

The Rational Basis For Christian Belief

Be Careful Of The Enemy – Focus On The Word Of God – The Joy Of The Lord

Great Words In The Gospel

The Meaning Of The Bible

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

2 Corinthians 1:1-2

Peter, Apostles, Strangers And Scattered

No Compromise

Creation And The Fall Of Man – Genesis

Sin On The Rampage – Cain And Abel

Significant Happenings In Acts – The Development Of The Church

The Christian Life – In Christ

The Christian Mind

Our Spiritual Position In Christ

Salvation Only In Christ

Worldliness And Doubtful Things

Why Did Jesus Come? – To Meet Mankind In All His Need

Guarding The Gospel – Pt1

Guarding The Gospel – Pt2

Two Portraits Of Christ

Joseph – His Suffering And Glory – A Type Of Christ

Stony, Weedy and Good Ground – Pt1

A Man With An Unclean Spirit – Pt2

Events Leading To The Crucifixion Of Jesus – Pt3

Christ’s Political Trial, Crucifixion And Resurrection – Pt4

Galatians 1:1

Elijah – Pt1

Elijah Pt2

The Expansion Of The Gospel – Pt1

The Local Church – Pt2

The Book Of Ruth – Pt1

The Book Of Ruth – Boaz’s Kindness To Ruth – Pt2

The Gospel Message From The Book Of John

Your Body A Living Sacrifice

The Control Of The Tongue

The Christian Mind

Bible Prophecy

The Trials And Blessings Of Living For Christ

The Lord’s Table – Worldliness

Studies In Nehemiah – Pt1

Studies In Nehemiah – Pt2

Colossians 1:1-2

Thy Sins Are Forgiven

The Second Coming Of Christ

The Forgiveness Of Sin

The Wind And Waves Obey Jesus


The Resurrection Of Christ

The Ministry Of Encouragement

A Heavenly Inheritance

The Book Of Genesis – The Beginning Of Human Life

The Family Of Elkanah – Hannah’s Vow

The Ministry Of Samuel

The Forgiveness Of Sin

The Place Of Israel In Bible History And Prophecy – Pt1

The Place Of Israel In Bible History And Prophecy – Pt2

The Authority Of The Bible – Pt1

The Authority Of The Bible – Pt2

The Second Coming Of Christ

The Rational Basis For Believing The Gospel Message

The Problem Of Suffering – The Book Of Job – Pt1

The Christian And Suffering – Pt2

Worship And The Lord’s Supper

Judas Iscariot

The Samaritan Woman


People Who Profess To Be Christians And Are Not

Hebrews 1:1-3

Nehemiah – Pt1

Nehemiah – Pt2

Nehemiah – Pt3

Job 1:1-5

John 3:1-4

The Breaking Of Bread

Report – Emmaus Correspondence School

Hebrews 11

A Vision Of The Glorified Lord