Promise Box Audio

Cure, Neil


The recordings we have of Neil were made at Maranatha Christian Assembly, Adelaide, Australia.

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The Position We Find Ourselves In As A Church

The Wrath Of The Lamb

The Seven Seals

The Seventh Seal

The Little Book

The Two Witnesses

The Woman, The Child And The Dragon

The Antichrist – The Beast Out Of The Sea

The False Prophet

The Lamb On Mt Zion

The Prelude To Armageddon

The Day Of The Wrath Of God

Mystical Babylon

The Latter Day Church

Babylon The Great

Four Names Of Satan

The Wrath Of God

What Is And Isn’t In Heaven?

I Trouble

Tripartite Man

Carnal Spiritual

The Rapture

Can A Christian Be Demon Possessed?

Spiritual Transformation

Hope In Christ

Eight Events To Happen


The Parables

War And Warfare

Matthew 23:31-39, 24:1-8,29-35

End Times

God’s Judgement

The Ten Virgins

Be Saved And Baptised

Exodus 4


The Manna Typology To The Word

The Old Man

Mark 2:1-12

Growing Seed

The Marks Of A Believer


And I, If I Be Lifted Up

John 9


The Second Coming

Acts 7

Acts 13:6-13

Two Women

The Health Of The Body

The Body Of Christ

Philippians 2

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

Open God’s Gift – Read The Bible

The Church – God’s Temple

Be Filled With The Spirit


Mark 4:1-20,35-41, Genesis 2:8,15-17, 3:1-7,14-15

A King Who Loved A Humble Maiden


The Day Of The Lord – Joel

How To Have A Proper Relationship With God – Matthew



When God Says Something It Will Happen – Exodus


Do Christians Go Through The Tribulation?

The Millennium

Elijah – Holiness And God’s Glory


The Demonic Possession

Can A Christian Be Demon Possessed?

The Rich Fool

The Great Supper

The Lost Son

Spiritual Dropsy

The Story Of A Loving Father

The Man Of God – Lot

Master And Servant

The Trial

The Stone Rolled Away

Two Trees

The Temple And Christ’s Return


2 Corinthians 2:14-16

Parables Of Christ – The Good And Bad Fish

What On Earth Is Happening?

Christ And Events In Time

Foundations Of Human Life



What Manner Of People Ought We To Be?

The Corruption Of Man


Lot In Sodom

Jacob I Have Loved

The Jews In History

Faith In Action

Signs Of The End


The Integrity Of The Church

The Rapture Of Christians

Nebuchadnezzar, Hell And Salvation


God’s Salvation

The Woman, The Child And The Dragon

1 Samuel 9-11

1 Samuel 28-29

The Murder Of Mephibosheth

You Are The Man

Amnon And Tamar

Behold A Virgin Shall Conceive

The Generations Of The Sons Of Men

The Christian Assembly – Pt1

The Christian Assembly – Pt2

The Christian Assembly – Pt3

The Patriarchs


Find Your Spiritual Blessings

Demonic Activity In Society

Get Up Off Your Bed

The Kingdom Parables

Stephen’s Sermon

As In The Days Of Noah

Jerusalem Today

The Faith Of Rahab

Three Questions

What Does The Rapture Mean To You?

The Passover

A Famine Of Hearing – Amos

Satan’s Craftiness


New Year’s Resolutions

No Locks And Two Bears

Acts 7

Changed Attitudes

First Things

Noah’s Example Of Salvation

Just Jacob


Two Shepherds