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Barrow, Malcolm (1938-2015)


Born Leicester, England. Then New Zealand. Fellowshipped at several Christian Brethren assemblies in New Zealand.

He worked among the youth of Auckland and started a December beach mission and a canoe camp around the Bay of Islands which continues 50yrs later. Pastored about 6 different churches around New Zealand, which were having problems, usually staying for 3-5 years. He also travelled overseas often, staying at places for some weeks. Was director of Totara Springs Camp, Matamata. He often said to people ‘finish strong’ and he did. Even though he was so ill with cancer he took his last service 3 weeks before his death. He loved Easter and his wife said to their children, “He will go to be with his Lord at Easter.” He did. He died Easter Friday night.

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The Epistle To The Romans


Rallies – Motivation To Leadership – Pt1

Rallies – Basic Leadership – Pt2

Rally – A Vital Arm Of The Assembly – Making It Work


God’s Forgiving Love

Malachi 3:16-4:6

The Mystery

What Has Been Done In New Zealand

The New Man

The Christian’s Relationships And Armour

The Consequence Of Compromise

The Second Generation Syndrome

The Downward Spiral

God’s Exceptional Leader

No Hesitation Or Excuses

How To Know God’s Will


Hebrews – Pt1

Hebrews – Pt2

Hebrews – Pt3

Hebrews – Pt4


God’s Plan Through The Ages


The Value Of Camping – Pt1

The Value Of Camping – Pt2


Camping Philosophy – Pt1

Camping Philosophy – Pt2


The Camp Leader – Pt1

The Camp Leader – Pt2


Camp Programming – Pt1

Camp Programming – Pt2


Colossians 2


Rally Leader’s Seminar – Pt1 – Pastoral Care

Rally Leader’s Seminar – Pt2 – Where Should The Rallies Be Heading?

Rally Leader’s Seminar – Pt3 – Commitment


Running Children’s Camps