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Strahan, Leo


From Lismore. Now Moree, Australia.

Fellowships with the Moree Christian Assembly.

Was a full time Christian worker for 13 years, teaching from the Bible and minitering gospel. He used a large tent and preached using it in NSW, Qld, Tasmania and SA. He ceased this ministry when family commitments necessitated being at home full time.

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The Work Of The Spirit Of God

God’s Salvation

The Utter Reliability And Validity Of The Prophetic Word Of God


Present Your Body A Living Sacrifice

Mighty Men

A Little Leaven

Precious Promises

Call To Service – Pt1 – Paul The Servant

The Call To Purity – Pt2

The Call To Purity – Pt3


Man, Satan And God

A Ransom For All – Gospel


Mighty Men

Precious Promises

The Love Of God

Question And Answer Time

A Little Leaven

A Great God

poor sound – 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

1 Thessalonians 4:14-18, 5:1-4,9

The Strengthening Of Christ

Whosoever Calls On The Name Of The Lord Shall Be Saved – Gospel


The Knowledge Of Christ

The Coming Of Christ

Courtship And Marriage – Pt1

Courtship And Marriage – Pt2

The Gospel Of The Blessed God – Pt1b

Redemption Through His Blood – Pt2a

The Ethiopian Eunuch

The Alpha And Omega – Pt3b

The True Light – Pt4b

Worthy To Open The Book – Pt5b

Three Days – Judgement, Visitation And Grace – Pt6a

Pt7b – Revelation 6:15-17, 7:9-17

The Greatest Tragedy – Not Knowing God – Pt8a

He That Believes And He That Doesn’t Believe – Pt9b

Leo Strahan – Marriage In Principle And Practice – Pt1 – Marriage In The Old Testament

Leo Strahan, Tom Heasley And Paul Iles – Marriage In Principle And Practice – Pt4 – Questions And Answers