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Stubbs, John


Born County Durham, England.

Three assemblies in Co. Durham and one in Shipley, Yorkshire commended him to the work of the Lord in 1965, his first labours being in Malaysia until 1969 when he returned to the UK. He has served the Lord in many parts of the UK as well as in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Canada. He has written Is the Bible the Word of God?; Misunderstood Texts of Holy Scripture; The Person of Christ; and has jointly authored a further book on the Person of Christ. He has also written the commentaries on the books of Numbers and Zechariah in the “What the Bible Teaches” series, and has contributed many articles to various assembly magazines. He currently shares responsibility for the Question Box in the Believer’s Magazine.

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Colossians 3:1-17

Hebrews 13:10-18

The Feast Of Unleavened Bread

The Feast Of First Fruits

The Feast Of Pentecost

The Feast Of Trumpets And The Day Of Atonement

The Feast Of The Passover

The Feast Of Tabernacles

Behold – Gospel

Be A Good Servant

The Gospel Records Of The Resurrection Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt1

The Gospel Records Of The Resurrection Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt2

The Gospel Records Of The Resurrection Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt3

The Lord’s Return – Pt1

The Lords Return – Pt2

Gospel – Banished, Then Not Expelled

Gospel – Look And Live

A Coffin, Eternity And Calvary

The Law Of The Nazarite

The Pillar Cloud

The Ribbon Of Blue

Aaron’s Rod That Budded

The Red Heifer


Zechariah – The First Three Visions – Pt1

Zechariah – Visions Four And Five – Pt2

Zechariah – The Last Three Visions – Pt3

Zechariah – The Remnant Returning To Israel – Pt4

Zechariah – Pt5

Zechariah – Pt6

Zechariah – The Second Burden – The Smiting Warrior And The Sovereign Supervisor – Pt7

The Gospel From Zechariah

Joseph Of Arimathaea

Jude 20-25

incomplete – Gospel

God’s Prophetic Program – The Rapture

God’s Prophetic Program – Scenes In Heaven

God’s Prophetic Program – Great White Throne

God’s Prophetic Program – Daniel’s 70th Week

God’s Prophetic Program – Babylon The Great

God’s Prophetic Program – The Millenium

God’s Prophetic Program – The Eternal State