Kurian, John


Born Kerala, South India. Fellowships with the Christian Brethren assembly at Puthuppally.

Commended to the ministry by the above assembly in 1986. Travels extensively within India and around the globe as an itinerant preacher and teacher. Is involved in gospel preaching, teaching the word in the assembly conferences and Bible readings with a special focus on youth and families. Helps in the teaching ministry in assembly Bible Institutes in India and South Korea. Has written 2 books: Christian Family(co-authored with two other assembly writers) and Victorious Christian Living.

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Personal Holiness – Pt1

Personal Holiness – Pt2

Personal Holiness – Pt3


The Ministry Of The Assemblies In India – Pt1a

A Prayer Of The Apostle Paul – Pt1b

The Malefactors – Pt2


Spiritual Growth – Pt1 – Marks Of A Spiritual Babe And Growth Requires Birth

Spiritual Growth – Pt2 – What Is Spiritual Growth – What is Not – Feeding On The Word Of God And Quiet Time

Spiritual Growth – Pt3 – Discerning God’s Will In The Beginning

Spiritual Growth – Pt4 – Discerning God’s Will And How God Reveals His Will

Spiritual Growth – Pt5 – Victory Over Sin

Spiritual Growth – Pt6 – Victory Over Sin – Sex , Love, Marriage And Developing A Christ-Like Character

Spiritual Growth – Pt7 – Hinderances To Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth – Pt8 – Surrendering Our Lives To God