Promise Box Audio

Gellatly, John


Born Lismore, Now Brisbane.

A well respected Bible teacher.

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The Training Periods Of Life – Ruth 3

The Triumphant Provisions of Life – Ruth 4

The Soul That Sinneth It Shall Die

When Thou Passeth Through The Waters – Pt1

When Thou Passeth Through The Waters – Pt2

Gaps In Prophecy – Pt1

Gaps In Prophecy – Pt2

The Glory Of The Lord In Ezekiel

Revelation 22

In Our Hearts

The Close Of Paul’s Ministry

Nehemiah 2:9-12, 3:1


An Overview Of Colossians

Spirituality – Pt1a – Opposing Forces

Spirituality – Pt1b

Spirituality – Pt2

Spirituality – Pt9

bad sound – Spirituality – Pt11

2 Corinthians and 2 Genesis 3

Matthew 3:13-15

John Gellatly And Paul Iles – Questions And Answers


A Man Of Like Passions – Elijah

The Judgment Seat Of Christ

An Introduction To The Gifts – Pt1

Gifts – Pt2

Gifts – Pt3

Gifts – Pt4


Who Is Jesus?

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt2 – New Testament

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt4 – New Testament – Glorifying God

How Much Owest Thou My Lord – Stewardship – Pt1

Self Assessment Of Two Saul’s – Stewardship – Pt2

The Mark Of The Servant – Servants Of The Most High God

The Great Blessing Of The Holy Spirit

Two Thrones, The Same Judge

Future Events – Pt1 – The Day Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Future Events – Pt2 – The Day Of The Lord

Future Events – Pt3 – Gap In Prophecy

Turning Points Of Life – Pt1

Transferring Of Life – Ruth 2

What Is Truth?

The World In John’s Gospel

Strong Through Weakness

Judgement – Pt1

Two Judgements – Pt2


The Mount Olivet Discourse

The Operation Of The Holy Spirit

Two Places – Two People – Two Prayers

Lessons From The Life Of Thomas

God’s Promise Is Not Slack

The Forgiveness Of Joseph

The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2

The Tabernacle – Pt3 – The Candlestick

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt1

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt2 – Phineas And Nehemiah

The Fear Of The Lord – Pt3

The Death And Resurrection Of Christ

Philippians 2


Women Of Acts

Fatherhood Of God

Put Ye On The Lord Jesus Christ

Moses – Christ In John

Hope – The Consummation Of The Church

The Death Of Christ – Pt1 – The Impact

The Death Of Christ – Pt2 – Propitiation, Remission, Justification

The Lord Is Good

Looking At Things Not Yet Seen

Christ – The Heavenly Bread

The Fountain Of Living Waters

God’s Ways Are Much Higher Than Man’s Ways – Gideon

The Death Of Christ – Pt1 – Sanctification And Cleansing

The Death Of Christ – Pt2 – Redeemed

The Death Of Christ – Pt3 – Distance From God Brought Near

Your Life

O Ye Of Little Faith

The Life Of Joseph – Pt1

The Life Of Joseph – Pt2

The Life Of Joseph – Pt3

The Life Of Joseph – Pt4

The Judgement Seat Of Christ – Pt2 – Eschatology

The Great White Throne – Pt4 – Eschatology