Promise Box Audio

Allen, Jim


Most of the recordings we have of Jim were made in Brisbane, when he visited Australia.

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Look and Love

Christ Died For Us – Death

Sin – My Sin

Secret of Blessing

Four Unforgettable Moments

Sudden Death

The Salvation Of The Saint

The Call Of Service

The Challenge Of Service

My Relationship To Christ – Discipleship

Fellowship – My Relationship With The Saints

Christ Died For Us

The Heart’s Door

Come Find Rest


The Gospel In 25 Words

Enter Now

God Is Light

The ABCD Of The Gospel

A Prison Yard, The Midnight Hour And A Trembling Man

Five Words

Neglect – Life’s Greatest Danger

Barrabus – A Free Man

ALMOST – An Excellent Gospel Message

The Last Day

Stewardship – My Relationship To Silver

The Natural The Spiritual The Carnal

The Pathway Of A Spiritual Man

The Holy War

Life’s Greatest Enemy – Death

A Crown To Be Won


The Holy Spirit And The Lord Jesus

Psalm 126:1-6

The Holy Spirit In The Epistles

Bible Reading – Ephesians – Pt1

Bible Reading – Ephesians – Pt2

Bible Reading – Ephesians – Pt3

Bible Reading – Ephesians – Pt4

Bible Reading – Ephesians – Pt5

Bible Reading – Ephesians – Pt6

Matthew 1-2

Matthew 6-7

Matthew 8

Matthew 12:14, 13:24-30-33,36-43

Matthew 13:44-46

Matthew 12:14 -15, 16:13, 17:24-27, 18:1-6,12-20

Matthew 24:15-31

Matthew 25:1-30

Matthew 27


The Reaching Beyond

A God Gathered Assembly

Pilgrim Character – Crossing The Desert Sands – Sinai To Canaan

Fellowship, Communion And Conviction

The Report Of The Spies

Gospel – The Sure Foundation

bad sound – By The Lord’s Command – Baptism

Philippians 1:19-21, 2:5,12-13, 3:10-14,18, 4:11-13

Valley Experiences

The Provision For The March

Creation’s Chronology