Naismith, James (1923-2009)



Born India. Then Canada.

At 21 years of age, became the youngest doctor in Scotland. Was a founder of Kawartha Lakes Bible College and one of its most loved teachers. Retired at age 60 to devote himself more fully to the Lord’s work. James travelled throughout many countries teaching The Word.


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The Holiness Of God

The Holiness Of Christ


The Lord’s Death – Its Relevance And Meaning

Our Lord Revealed – God

What Manner Of Man

Entering The Land

Christ-like Features In Our Daily Lives

The Lord’s Supper

Follow After Love

A Consecrated Man


Amusing – A Church That Needed A Minister

Amusing – A Circuit Riding Preacher Buys A Horse


The Great Tribulation And The Battle Of Armageddon


The Holy Spirit – The Person And Purpose – Pt1

The Earnest And Sealing Of The Holy Spirit – Pt2

The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit – Pt3

The Holy Spirit – A Letter, A Slave And His Master – Pt4

The Filling Of The Holy Spirit – Pt5

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit – Pt6


Amusing – A Cock And Bull Story


The Rapture – Pt1

The Judgement Seat Of Christ And The Marriage Of The Lamb – Pt2

The Return Of Christ To Earth – Pt3

How When Or Where Will The End Happen? – Pt4



Till He Come


Stewardship – Pt1

Stewardship – Pt2

Stewardship – Pt3 – The Body And Possessions

Stewardship – Pt4 – The Body And Possessions

Stewardship – Pt5


Let’s Pray


The Principles Of Christian Living – Pt1

The Power Of Christian Living – Pt2

The Principles Of Christian Living – Pt3

The Principles Of Christian Living – Pt4

The Priority Of Christian Living – Pt5


Pilate’s Dilemma

The Unanswerable Question

The Will Of God

Psalm 33:1-22


Lessons From Exodus – Pt1

Lessons From Abraham And Lot – Pt2


Romans 6:14-7:6

Romans 7:7-25

Romans 8:1-17


Spiritual Gifts – Pt1 – Definition And Categories

Spiritual Gifts – Pt2 – The Wonder Of The Body

Spiritual Gifts – Pt3 – Discovery And Definition

Spiritual Gifts – Pt4 – The Greatest Of These Is Love


Far Above All


The Attributes Of God – Pt1

The Attributes Of God – Pt2


The Holiness Of God – Pt1

The Holiness Of God – Pt2


The Christian And His God

The Christian And His Gifts


The Second Coming And Prophecy – Pt1

The Second Coming And Resurrections – Pt2


Our Responsibility To Our Family – Pt1

Our Responsibility To The Local Church Family – Pt2


Amusing – Mirrors

Amusing – A Wife’s Honesty


Haggai – Pt1 – The Right Priorities

Haggai – Pt2 – Cheer And Encouragement


Practical Aspects Of Prayer – Pt1

Practical Aspects Of Prayer – Pt2


Hebrews 2

Hebrews 3:1-12, 4:14-16


The Resurrection

The Wonder Of Belonging To The Flock


Family Likeness

Family Heritage


Guard The Truth