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Hugh & Marie Fletcher


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Ran Outreach Tape Ministry and are now in association with the NSW Assemblies Evangelistic Mission. They recorded in Christian Brethren assemblies in Sydney from 1953 – 1995. Hugh did this while holding down a fulltime job and all profits from Outreach Tape Ministry went to the NSW Home Workers Fund. This fund supported ‘full time’ Christian workers based in NSW.

Outreach Tape Ministry recorded speakers at various assembly events, such as the Easter Conference in Sydney, AMT Missionary Conventions, Mens and Ladies Houseparties (Sydney, Northern Districts, Blue Mountains, South Coast & Southern Highlands), Emmaus Winter School, NSW Home Workers Conference, Christian Camping Conferences etc. In later years, recordings were done for Christian Womens Convention International ‘Know Your Bible’ courses for the print handicapped. With CDs taking over from cassettes, it was time to retire in 1995. The recording equipment was donated to Julie Loudon, who continues cassette ministry among non readers in Congo, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and other countries.

Hugh & Marie’s recordings are identifiable by codes like A56 or F12. When edited the codes will have another F placed before them ie. FA56 and FF12. ‘F’ standing for ‘Fletcher’.

Des & Dorothy Baird and Hugh & Marie Fletcher recorded the vast majority of the ministry recordings available on this site, others have been provided from other sources.

Hugh has digitised almost all of his cassettes and they are already on this site.