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Alves, Hector (1896-1978)


Born Philadelphia, USA Then Aberdeen, Scotland. Then Vancouver, Canada.

There, a vigorous Gospel testimony was flourishing in a frontier atmosphere, and J. J. Rouse and D. R. Scott were enterprising tent evangelists. The family settled a few blocks from where the first Cedar Cottage Gospel Hall would be constructed in 1909. In his old age he wrote: “In 1911, Mr. John Smith of Cleveland paid his first visit to Vancouver. It was during [his] meetings that the writer was brought under conviction of sin.” He traveled widely, ministering the Word in the U.S. and Canada, and also visited Australia and New Zealand in the late 5O’s. He served thirty years as an associate editor of Truth and Tidings, toiling thousands of hours alone in his study where he prepared an article for each issue of the magazine as well as answers to questions. He never lost his interest in gospel campaigns, nor in preaching from Romans 10:9, until he went to be with Christ in 1978, after preaching his last gospel message in his home assembly. His view, expressed a few years before being taken away, was: “Eternity will reveal whatever there has been in all this for the glory of God.”

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bad sound – The Tabernacle – Pt1a – The Golden Altar Of Incense

The Tabernacle – Pt1b – The Golden Altar Of Incense

The Tabernacle – Pt2a – The Table Of Shewbread

The Tabernacle – Pt2b – The Door And Table Of Shewbread

The Tabernacle – Pt3a – The Lampstand

The Tabernacle – Pt3b – The Lampstand

The Tabernacle – Pt4 – The Coverings

The Tabernacle – Pt5 – The Boards

The Tabernacle – Pt6 – The Court