Promise Box Audio

Venten, Harry (1926-2019)


From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Ran a radio program called Times Of Refreshing for many years. All of the recordings we have of him are recordings of these radio programs.

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A Great Salvation

The Tongue

Why Did He Come?

The Brevity Of Life

Jesus God’s Lamb

Gethsemane And The Cross

Four Sure Certainties

Peace With God

The Lord’s Return

God’s Handwriting

The Sinless One

Tragedy Into Triumph

A Sincere Desire

Things To Remember

The Word Became Flesh

The Book Speaks

The Transfiguration

He Gave Himself

More Abundant Life

Too Late

Safely Secure In Christ

God’s Eternal Word

Fellowship Restored

The Great Disappearance – Pt1

The Great Tribulation – Pt2

The Thousand Year Reign – Pt3

Events After – Pt4

Teach Them The Word

The Day Of Days

The Conquering Saviour

Perfect Truths

God’s Gift Of Peace

Things To Remember

Coming In Power

The Glories Of Christ

The Appointed Hour

God’s Remedy For Sin

Being Born Again

Four Musts Of The Saviour

The Pearl Of Psalms

Christ In Prayer

Godly Conduct

The Judgement Seat

Jesus Came To Save

Our Faithful God

Live Or Perish

Jesus Is Alive

God’s Abiding Presence

The Gospel Of Abraham – Pt1

The Holy Spirit And Abraham – Pt2

New Things


The Law And The Gospel

Your Portrait

A Sure Hope

But By Me

The Manger, Cross And Throne

The God-Man

True Discipleship

Bound For Glory

The Light Of The World

Your Portrait

A Sure Hope

God Speaks

The Man In The Glory

Mary Finds Jesus

Jesus Shall Reign

Blessings In Christ

Only One Way

Job’s Faith In God

The Divine Book Keeper

Cherish The Cross

A Wonderful Name

Faith Brings Salvation

Eternal Security

Amazing Faith

His Wounded Hands

Jesus At The Door

The Cross Of Christ And His Sufferings In The Garden Of Gethsemane

Where Is Happiness To Be Found?

His Miraculous Birth

The Guidance Of God

The Tribulation And The Church

His Wounded Hands

Bought With A Price

Godly Women

On A Mountain Peak



The New Birth

Our Lord’s Temptation

The Snow

Spiritual Heart Disease

Assurance Of Salvation

The Stars

The Reason Jesus Came

Bound For Heaven

Pondering The Cross

Abundant Grace

He Touched Me

Let Your Light Shine

Jesus – The Perfect Saviour

God’s Offer To You

Miracles Of Jesus

Revelations Of God

His Cross – Our Peace

Are We Guilty?

The Spiritual Carpenter

Things That Are Before

Who Then Is This?

John 3:16

Unbounded Grace

The Excellent One

Made New In Christ

Triumphs Of Calvary


Looking To Jesus

Jesus – Christ – Lord

The Glory Of Christ

Hearing God’s Voice

The Greatest Book

The Future Of Our World

Inside Or Outside

Seven Facts Of Christ’s Coming

Predictions Fulfilled

God’s Promises


Psalm 85

Know Your Way

The Face Of Jesus

The Lighthouse

The Chosen Bride

The Royal Honeymoon

Sowing Seeds

Sins Forgiven


What Is A Christian?

Anger And Resentment Overcome

Our Redeemer

Amazing Love

Jesus Came


Spiritual Life In Christ

Hosanna – The King Cometh

The Lord’s Death

Five Steps To Forgiveness

The Shunamite Woman

God Given Names

His Precious Blood


I Am The Way

I Am The Truth

I Am The Life

Life At The Crossroads

Good News

Our Father

Behold The Lamb

Jesus – Our Salvation

Worship And God’s Throne

Unfailing Love

Noah’s Walk With God

Before The Flood

The Flood And God’s Provision

Noah’s Day Today

To Be Saved

Are You Ready?

Christ – The Risen One

Faith In God

Christian Virtues

Christ In The Home

The Preeminent One

Only One Way

Enoch – Where Is He?

Seven Wonders Of Christ

A Love Story

The Unspeakable Gift

Rest From Fear

The King Shall Reign

God Answers Prayer

The Wonder Of Calvary

No Greater Love

A Sure Nail

The Holy Spirit

Jesus Remains The Same

The Fruit Of The Spirit

Jonah’s Disobedience

Jonah – A Compassionate God

Jonah’s Prayer

Jonah – Nineveh’s Salvation

Saved By Grace

Things To Remember

The Church And The Tribulation

Words Of Hope

Belonging To Christ

The Eternal Book

God’s Genuine Peace

The Sinless One

The Necessity Of Faith

Christ – The Worthy One

Refuge In Christ

Jesus Is The Answer

Honesty – Pt2

True Eternity – Pt4

How Is Christ Risen?

Christ The Saviour

Why Did Jesus Die?

What Is Christianity All About?