Paisley, Harold (1924-2015)


From Lurgan, Northern Ireland. Then Canada. Fellowshipped at Eglington Avenue Gospel Hall, Toronto.


A full-time preacher of the Word since 1945. Moved his family to Canada after threats on his family by the Irish Republican Army. Used mightily by the Lord seeing many souls saved.


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Come Unto Me And Depart From Me

The Worm And The Lamb Of God

Can A True Child Of God Turn Away And Finally Be Lost?

Gospel – Three Cases That Are Real


The Burnt Offering – Pt1

The Meal Offering – Pt2

The Peace Offering – Pt3

The Sin Offering – Pt4

The Trespass Offering – Pt5

The Ordinance Of The Red Heifer – Pt6


Testimony – I Love The Lord Because

50 Years Of Salvation


Lessons To Be Learnt In The Life Of Joseph – Pt1

Lessons To Be Learned In The Life Of Joseph – Pt2

Lessons To Be Learned In The Life Of Joseph – Pt3

Lessons To Be Learned In The Life Of Joseph – Pt4


bad sound – Introduction to Revelation – Pt1

The Golden Lampstands – Pt2

The Three Doors – Pt3

The Father’s House – Pt4

The Lamb In The Midst – Pt5

God’s Work In Judgement And Grace – Pt6

The River of Life – Pt7

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Pt8

The Day The Eagle Speaks – Pt9

Three Last Invasions – Pt10

The Mighty Angel, The Mystery Of God And The Little Book – Pt11

Christ Or Antichrist Which Will It Be? – Pt12

The Precious Blood Of Christ Or Antichrist – Pt13

History And Fall Of Babylon – Pt14

The Marriage Of The Lamb – Pt15

The Coming Of Christ As King – Pt16

The Glories Of The Millennium – Pt17

The Lord Sitting Upon His Throne – Pt18


Introduction To The Feasts Of Jehovah – Pt1

The Passover – Pt2

Feast Of The First Fruits – Pt3

The Feast Of Pentecost – Pt4

The Feast Of Trumpets – Pt5

The Atonement – Pt6

The Feast Of Tabernacles – Pt7


What Then Shall I Do With Jesus Which Is Called Christ?

Home Report

The Word Gazing, As Written By Paul

bad sound – Luke 23


Proverbs 30

Proverbs 31:1-3,9-31