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Rehn, Graham (1915-2002)


Born Cowell, South Australia, Australia. Then Adelaide. Fellowshipped at a few assemblies.

He had one great passion in life – to build up the church of God. During his life, he lectured at the Bible College of SA and Adelaide College of Ministries, was Secretary of the SA Council of Missionary Aviation Fellowship and commenced the “Facts for Faith” magazine in 1972. He represented the Brethren Assemblies on the 1959 Billy Graham Crusade Counselling Committee, the SA Council of David House Fellowship, the Evolution Protest Movement – Creation Science Association which is now “Answers in Genesis”. He was a ‘founding member’ in the following: Christian Youth Fellowship, the Unley Assembly, the Hendon Assembly, Elizabeth Christian Church (now Craigmore Christian Centre) and was the founding Chairman of the Craigmore Christian School Board (now Hope Christian College).

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The Precious Things In The Word Of God

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