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Liddle, Gordon


Born Scotland. Now Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Fellowships at Dandenong Gospel Hall.

Many of the recordings we have of Gordon are from Bexley Gospel Hall, Sydney, where he was one of the assembly elders. He returned to Melbourne in 2012 and is currently an elder at the Dandenong Gospel Hall, the assembly where he has been most of his life.

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The Love Of God

May Our Ambition Be To Grow In Our Love For The Lord

The Purpose Of All Believers

Four Things The Lord Must Do

Eight Spiritual Gifts In The New Testament

The Big Picture – Pt1

The Big Picture – Pt2

His Way, His Will And His Purpose Is Sovereign

Valuing The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt1

Valuing The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt2

Valuing The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt3

Valuing The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt4

How Do We Know We Are Right?

It Is Better To Trust In The Lord Than To Put Confidence In Man

Are You Rich Toward God?

What Is Important And Precious To You?

The Proof Of God’s Love For Us Individually

In Your Busy Schedule Do You Have Any Time For The Lord?

Childlike Faith

The Walk Of Obedience

How Much He Loved Us

Christian Living

An Overview Of Psalm 8

An Overview Of Psalm 23

An Overview Of Psalm 69

An Overview Of Psalms 97 And 98

An Overview Of Psalms 123 And 125 – God Is On The Throne

An Overview Of Psalm 139 – We Cannot Deceive, Escape, Ignore Or Dispute Him

An Overview Of Acts 13:1-16:5

An Overview Of Revelation 7 – Who Shall Be Able To Stand?

An Overview Of Revelation 8

The Tragedy Of Backward Steps

Handfuls Of Purpose

The Wonder Of Redemption

Our Unchanging God – Pt1

The Consistent Shepherd – Pt2

God Is Able

Seven Reasons To Trust God

Looking At What The Lord Did For Us

The Reason Why And How We Fail God

The Deity And Humanity Of Christ

Does Our Home Bring Glory To Christ?

The Extent Of The Fall Of Man And Redemption Of Man

Seven Things That Will Not Be In Heaven

If You Should Die Tonight Where Would You Go?


Are We Fully Following The Lord?

Do We Really Know How To Love?

His Testimony And The Importance Of A Personal Relationship With The Lord Jesus

The Faithfulness Of The Father

Is Our Life Lived In The Expectation Of The Coming Of The Lord?

The Roman Road

Let Us Live Our Lives As If He Really Is Our Lord

Are We Continuing Steadfastly?

Four Great Responsibilities Of A Mother

A Unique Perspective Of The Suffering Of Christ


The Eternal Unconditional Love Of God For Us

The Responsibility Of Practicing What We Preach

The Perfect Substitute

Enough In Thee To Meet Our Need

The Testimony Of A Jewish Doctor And A Drummer Boy

Do We Really Believe What We Say We Believe?

He Alone Is Worthy – God Looks On The Heart

My Lord

She Left Her Water Pot


Purpose, Pattern, Prize And Power For Living

The Dignity Of Christ At Calvary

Seven Things Heaven Will Be


God Knows Why

Four Rescues

Trust In The Lord For He Is Our Authority

Falling Short Of The Mark


With Thanksgiving Be Anxious For Nothing

In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him And He Shall Direct Thy Paths

Do You Love Like This?

The Importance, Privilege And Responsibility Of Service

Four Titles Given To The Lord Jesus

What Makes A Successful Church?

Four Titles Given To The Lord

Did Ye Not Know I Must Be About My Father’s Business?

Eloquent Silence

Rise, Let Us Be Going

The Preciousness Of The Lord’s Supper

The Greatest Twenty Five Words Ever Spoken

God Knows Why

Come And See

The Awful Reason For The Silence In Heaven

Being Faithful To Practicing God’s Order

The Importance Of The Breaking Of Bread

Four Onlys

I Have What I Want And More

Honouring The Lord As We Should

By Faith

God’s Dealing With Man Through Time

Praise God For A Living And Risen Saviour

The Mother Of Jesus And The Work God Gave Her To Do

Speak Lord

The Leap Of Faith

How Precious The Sacrifice Of The Lord Is To God

Being Content In The Sufficiency Of The Lord

What The Lord Jesus Has Done For Us

Hope Through Death

Give God His Place

Nothing Can Separate Us From Christ

The Lord Jesus – Who He Is

The Lord’s Commission To All Believers

Trust And Obey

Time Is Precious

How Not And How To Get To Heaven

God Never Forsakes

poor sound – The Church

God’s Perfect Love, Coverage And Gift

The Grace Of Faith

Do We Practice What We Preach?

Making A Firm Commitment

The Reason Why He Came To Die

My Lord Jesus And Church

The Servant Of God

Lessons To Be Learnt From Samuel – The Unlikely Servant

Being Prepared To Leave All For The Lord

The Peace, Place And Power Of God

Six Types Of Christ – Pt1

Six Types Of Christ – Pt2

Desperation And Faith

How Rich Am I Toward God?

Wait – Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing

The Presence And Power Of The Man Of Life

What Does The Grace Of God Mean To Me?

When The Lord Speaks We Need To Listen

The Beauty Of God’s Plan For His Son And Us

We Ought To Listen Then Obey

Born With The Purpose To Die

The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed On Earth – Pt1

The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed On Earth – Pt2

Lessons To Be Learnt From Life Of Joseph

The Only Way To Be Saved

Our Privilege Of Entering In A New And Living Way To God

The End Times

The Power, Glory And Sorrow Of The Lord Jesus

Being Led By God That We Might Be Used By God

Genesis 22:1-14

Am I Prepared To Forsake All For Him?

Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth And Ye Are The Light Of The World

Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen?

The Seven Statements The Lord Made From The Cross

The Sovereignty Of God

Truly Knowing The Lord

Philippians 4:5-19

Simeon And Anna

He Touched Me

The Believer’s Responsibility

He Deserves Our All

poor sound – Hallelujah What A Saviour

poor sound – The Lord’s Pattern For Prayer

poor sound – Let Us

poor sound – What Is It That Makes You A Christian

poor sound – The Expectations The Lord Has Of Believers

poor sound – Thinking Of The Coming Glory

poor sound – Living A Consistent Life

The Mind of Christ – Pt1

The Mind of Christ – Pt2

The Mind of Christ In Daniel – Pt3

The Mind of Christ In Daniel – Pt4

The Life Of Faith – Pt1 – Faith Described

The Life Of Faith – Pt3 – Faith Desired