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Calvert, George (1937-2003)


Born Capetown, South Africa. Then Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fellowshipped at Bexley Gospel Hall.

George was involved in many ministries. His passion for preaching the gospel started from the age of 17 in Capetown in open air gospels. His last gospel message was given at Abbotsford Gospel Hall. He was involved in preaching the gospel at various brethren assemblies. At Bexley he was the superintendent of the Sunday school, Boys Rally Leader and camp leader. He started the Lucas Heights Bible Club where he saw a need in the large housing commission estate in Menai. Over the course of ten years he taught over 300 children and their families the good news of the gospel.

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A Happy Occasion – A Baptism

His Funeral


Personal Testimony

A Happy Occasion

I Am The Bread Of Life

The Good Ground

The Preciousness Of God’s Thoughts Towards Us


Heaven, Hell And God’s Salvation

There Is Only One Way

Today – If You Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Heart


God Speaking

Using Our God Given Gift

Making The Right Resolution

Fear Not

The Question Of Being Born Again


Being Willing To Accept God’s Way

God Is Not Willing That Any Should Perish

What Is Keeping You From God?

Bowing The Knee


The Holiness Of God

The Preaching Of The Gospel

What Is Your Inheritance Expectation?

Abraham’s Call, Conduct And Concern

The Glory Of The Lord

Hearing And Acting On The Word Of God


God’s Lifeline

The Good News Of The Gospel

The Lord’s Message Of Love

God Answered Our Prayers

In Remembrance – Think On Me


Our Approach To The Word Of God – bad sound

He Is Altogether Lovely

Nothing Changes God’s Affections Toward Us