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Fyfe, Gabriel Ballantyne (1909-1999)


Born Glasgow, Scotland. Fellowshipped at Elim Hall.

Gloriously saved. Very soon after he was baptised and received into fellowship. His great passion now was following the Lord who had saved him. He quickly became engrossed in the Lord’s work being active in the Sunday School and becoming secretary of the Bible Class magazine ‘Knowing the Scriptures’, which went all over world with the object of building up young Christians. He was also involved in the annual Conference for Christian Youth attended by about 1000 each year and together with William Morrow started the Ayr Bible Readings. As well as GB’s personal work among the young, during the summer he was enthusiastic in tract band work visiting small villages. Open-air meetings were held at strategic points and gospel leaflets given to those in nearby homes and shops. Eventually he was responsible for a weekly open-air meeting in the centre of Glasgow where crowds thronged the busy street and listened intently to the gospel story. His keen interest in teaching God’s Word was not confined to his local assembly but extended to meetings all over Great Britain. However when asked to go abroad for a series of engagements, GB declined, feeling that there was so much to do in the homeland.

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