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Inrig, Gary


From Canada. Fellowshipped at Bethany Chapel Assembly, Calgary, Alberta.

Was the first senior pastor at Bethany Chapel Assembly for 17 years.

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Life In His Body – Pt1a

Life In His Body – Pt1b

Life In His Body – Pt2 – Questions And Answers

Life In His Body – Pt3a – Understanding God’s Directive And Leading

Life In His Body – Pt3b – Foot Washers

Life In His Body – Pt4 – When The Going Gets Tough

Life In His Body – Pt5 – What It Means To Be A Leader

Life In His Body – Pt6 – What It Means To Be A Leader

Life In His Body – Pt7 – Marching Orders From The King

Life In His Body – Pt1a – How To Know God’s Will

Life In His Body – Pt1b – How To Know God’s Will

Life In His Body – Pt2 – Spiritual Gifts

Life In His Body – Pt3 – Fellowship In The Body Of Christ

Life In His Body – Pt4 – Having Sight But No Vision

Life In His Body – Pt5 – How To Glorify God

Life In His Body – Pt6 – Performing Under Pressure

Amusing – A Little Lower Please

Amusing – I Hit It And Hit It

The Book Of John Chapters 1-8

Jesus Christ Is God

In Him Is Life

A Witness To Jesus Christ

Becoming A Child Of God

The Word Becomes Flesh

The Excellency Of Christ

A Voice In The Desert

Behold The Lamb Of God

Come And See

Greater Things Than These

The Lord Of Joy

The Anger Of The Lord

The Amazing Prediction

Born Again

Born Of The Holy Spirit

Look And Live

God’s Greatest Gift

Condemned Or Not Condemned

The Secret Of Joy

Being Certain Of Eternal Life

Pride, Prejudice And The Son Of God

Living Water

Genuine Worship

Sharing The Good News

Catching The Lord’s Vision

When Life Caves In

The Great Divide

The Saviour And The Sabbath

That All Might Honour Christ

From Death Unto Life

Ready For The Resurrection

Evidence That Demands A Verdict

The Purpose Of Scripture

The Causes Of Unbelief

The Test Of Faith

Living Supernaturally

The Eternal Life Crisis

The Bread Of Life

The Saving Will Of God

Feeding Of Christ

No Other Answer

Investing Time For Eternity

Confronted With Truth

The Titanic Mentality

Rivers Of Living Water

The Great Divider

Guilty Yet Forgiven

The Light Of The World

The Name That Determines Your Destiny

The Freedom Of Discipleship

Life Through Believing

The Book Of 2 Corinthians Chapters 1-6

The God Of Comfort

Dying To Live

The Sure Promises Of God

The Secure Spirit

The Freedom Of Forgiveness

Led In Christ’s Triumph

Nothing From Us – Everything From God

The Glory Of God’s Grace

God’s Method Of Change

Not Ourselves But Christ

The Surpassing Power Of Christ

The Best Is Yet To Come

Measuring Our Motives

Ambassadors Of Christ

The Credentials Of Christ


Knowing God’s Will

Life In His Body – Ephesians 4

First Century Principles In A 20th Century Society – Pt1

First Century Principles In A 20th Century Society – Pt2

Amusing – The Benefit Of Grid Iron On The Fitness Of The USA

Ezra 7

Ezra 9

Support Of Workers

Church Leadership

Ephesians 6:10




The Adventure Of Discipleship – Pt1

The Adventure Of Discipleship – Pt2

The Adventure Of Discipleship – Pt3

Church Growth – Pt1

Church Growth – Pt2

Evangelism – The Task

Spiritual Gifts For The Church


The Call To Discipleship

Making Disciples

Excellence In The Light Of The Second Coming

The Effect Of The Second Coming On Paul

The Spirit That Brings Revival

Life’s Tribulations