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Rogers, E W (1893-1977)


From England. Fellowshipped with the Sanderstead assembly.

It was said of Ebenezer W Rogers “He was undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts to the church in the twentieth century.” Till the end of his days he believed that if there was a meeting on, it was a sin not to be there.

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The Person Of Christ – His Humanity And Seven Pictures Of Daniel

incomplete – The Past, Present And Future

The Person Of Christ

The Kings Of Israel

Jesus’ Baptism

Thirty Years Of Obscurity – Pt1

Thirty Years Of Obscurity – Pt2

Studies From The Psalms – Pt1

Studies From The Psalms – Pt2

The Acceptable Year Of The Lord – Pt1

incomplete – The Acceptable Year Of The Lord – Pt2

The Sermon On The Mount – Pt1

The Sermon On The Mount – Pt2

bad sound – Take My Yoke Upon You

Gethsemane – The Death Of The Lord From Four Aspects

The Origin Of The Church

The Mount Of Olives

His Ascension

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

God Hath Spoken

Psalm 40:1-17

Studies In 1 Peter – Peter’s Life Reflected In His Letters

The Past, Present And Future

The Scoff Of The Mockers, The Retort That Is Given And The Practical Implications That Follow

Evangelism – The Task Of The Church

John 13

Cain, Balaam And Korah

3 Overcomers – Noah, Daniel And Job

The Bethany Home

Give An Account Of Thy Stewardship

Why Stand You Here Idle?

My Valley Of Dry Bones

Glorying In The Cross

The Significance Of Pentecost

The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit

How May I Know Which Is The Right Church? – Pt1

What Is The Christian Message? – Pt2

Is The Bible Reliable? – Pt3

Is There A God? – Pt4

Who Is Jesus Christ? – Pt5

Why Did He Die? – Pt6

Human Destiny – Pt7

Will The Lord Jesus Christ Come Again And If So When? – Pt8

The Heavenly Work Of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Pt9

Boasting In The Cross

The Book Of Malachi

The Cross As A Means Of Deliverance – Pt1

The Cross As The Ground Of Redemption – Pt2

The Cross As The Basis Of Sonship – Pt3

The Person Of Christ – Pt4

His Moral Glories – Pt5

The Resurrection Of The Dead – Pt6

The Person Of Christ – Pt7

The Lord Jesus In The Book Of Daniel – Pt8

The Deity Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt9

The Humanity Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt10