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Reid, J Eric (1915-2003)


Born Dublin, Northern Ireland. Then Australia. Fellowshipped at Eastleigh Community Church, Melbourne and St Ives Community Church, Sydney.

A full time pastor at what is now Eastleigh Community Church. He was instrumental in founding the Evangelisation Society of Australia, a movement to encourage and teach young people in evangelistic endeavour, in learning to study the Bible and follow the Lord. He was also appointed to the Belgrave Christian Convention Council and was chairman of the Bible Society of Australia – Victoria. Ministered to many at conventions, Australian Christian Brethren churches and conferences. He visited Colombia several times, staying for 2-3 months each time, as a pastor to the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Later, an elder at St Ives Community Church, loved by all, he took a major role, right to the end of his life, as a Bible teacher and pastoral carer. God used Eric in a wonderful way to build up the Christian faith the members of the church.

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