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Fleming, Don


From Brisbane, Australia. Fellowships at Murarrie Community Church.

Went from Australia to serve God in Thailand, and from there to many other countries around the world. He started Bridgeway Publications for his books, some of which have been translated into more than forty languages.

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Obadiah And The Edomites


The Bible Story In The Old Testament Period – Pt1

The Bible Story In The New Testament Period – Pt2

The Bible Story In The New Testament – Pt3

Christian Discernment

Micah – Pt1

Micah – Pt2

Micah – Pt3

Nahum – The Goodness And Severity Of God

bad sound – Bridgeway Publications Report

Psalm 87

Expounding The Bible – Pt1

Expounding The Bible – Pt2

An Overview Of Proverbs – Pt1

An Overview Of Proverbs – Pt2 – Words And Neighbours

David’s Flight From Saul – Pt1

David’s Behaviour In Philistia – Pt2

David’s Conquest Of Jerusalem – Pt3

David’s Family Troubles – Pt4

Bridgeway Publications

The Great City Babylon

God’s People On Earth

The Way Ahead For The Local Church – Pt2

The Division Of The Kingdom


Jesus Marched To Herod – incomplete

The End Of Jerusalem

Work And Happiness

Report On His World Evangelism

I Am The Light Of The World

The Loneliness Of Jeremiah

World Evangelism In The Twentieth Century

Salvation Only Through Jesus Christ

Rest, Resurrection And Reward

Jeremiah – Life, Times And Problems

Report On The Lord’s Work In Eastern Europe

Step Out In Faith

Jesus, The Triumphant King

Jesus, The Obedient Servant

Why The Judges Were Necessary

Othniel, Shamgar, Ehud And Deborah

Gideon And Abimelech

Jephthah And Samson

Zephaniah – Justice Asserted – God Will Punish Jerusalem

Habakkuk – Justice Queried – How Can God Use Babylon To Do It?

Evangelists, Pastors And Teachers

Distribution, Recognition And Development Of Spiritual Gifts

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

Prayer As Requests Or Petitions

Christian Giving

Salvation – Its Nature And Fruits – Pt1

Relationships – In Society, Home And Church – Pt2

Suffering – The Right Cause And Spirit – Pt3

How To Use Proverbs – Pt1

Don Fleming – A Wise Man Talks About Sex – Pt2

Speech And Social Concern – Pt3

Psalms From The Captives

A Procession Of Thanksgiving

God In The Storm

God Needs Nothing

Undeserved Suffering

The Secret Place

John Mark – The Young Man – Pt1

John Mark – The Gospel Writer – Pt2

Paul In Prison – Be Positive


Basic Religion – Pt1

Community Well-Being – Pt2

Moral Questions – Pt3

Year-Round Commitment – Pt4

Only One Gospel – Pt1

Not Under The Law But In Christ – Pt2

Bondage And Freedom – Pt3

Flesh And Spirit – Pt4

Job And His Friends – Pt1

Job And His Vindicator – Pt2

Job And Elihu – Pt3

Job And God – Pt4

The Call Of Ezekiel – A Message From God – Pt1

A City Without God – Pt2

Weak Leaders Bring Disaster – Pt3

Proud Nations Humbled – Pt4

The Prospect Of A New Era – Pt5

God Living Among His People – Pt6

Othniel, Ehud And Deborah

Abimelech And Jephthah

Judges 19-21

The Transfiguration Of Jesus

Of Humility And Forgiveness

Vows – Be As Good As Your Word

Tithes – Look After God’s Servants

Guidelines For Growth – Pt1

Local Church Growth – Pt2

Let The Bible Speak For Itself – Pt1

Let The Bible Speak For Itself – Pt2 – Interpreting The Bible – A

Let The Bible Speak For Itself – Pt3 – Interpreting The Bible – B

Let The Bible Speak For Itself – Pt4 – Teaching The Bible – A

Let The Bible Speak For Itself – Pt5 – Teaching the Bible – B

Let The Bible Speak For Itself – Pt6

How To Understand And Interpret The Bible – Pt1

How To Understand And Interpret The Bible – Pt2

How To Teach The Bible – Pt1

How To Teach The Bible – Pt2

Questions On Interpreting And Teaching The Bible

How To Teach The Bible To Non-Christians

Don & Gae Fleming’s Full-Time Ministry For 40 Years To 1995

Introduction To Joel – Pt1

Joel 1 – Pt2

Joel 2 – Revival For Today – Pt3

Joel 3 – Pt4