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Scott, Dawn


From Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fellowships at Kings Park Community Church.

Worked tirelessly to with Christian Youth Camps, especially with Ladies’ Houseparties and camps.

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How To Be Sure You Have Eternal Life

Trusting God’s Plan, Way And Timing

Colossians 2:16

incomplete – Public Speaking

Women Of The Bible – Sarah

Women Of The Bible – Eunice

Public Speaking – Pt1A

Public Speaking – Pt1B

Public Speaking – Pt2A

Public Speaking – Pt2B

Public Speaking – Pt3A

Public Speaking – Pt3B

Leading Small Groups – Pt2A

Leading Small Groups – Pt2B

Communicating With Different Ages

Questions And Answers

Testimony – The Lord’s Help Through Difficulties

Challenge Live Victoriously

The Call To Follow Christ

Call To The Family Home

James – Pt1

James – Pt2

Romans 12:9-21

Romans 13

Amusing – Catching Up On Sleep

1 Thessalonians – Pt1

1 Thessalonians – Pt2

1 Thessalonians – Pt3


Love Casts Out Fear

The Loving Saviour

The Holy Spirit – Pt1

The Holy Spirit – Pt2 – How Does He Work Today?

Poem – If Jesus Came To Your House To Spend A Day Or Two

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Being Disciples

Making Disciples

Small Group Discipling

Discipline In The Home

Communicating With God – Pt1

Communicating The Good News – Pt2

John 14

John 17

Seeing Ourselves As We Really Are – Joseph

God’s Justice And Mercy

Ephesians 1:1-2:10

New Standards

Esther – Pt1

Plots And Plans – Pt2 – Esther

Success – Pt3 – Esther

Celebration – Pt4 – Esther

Finale – Pt5 – Esther

Amusing – The Little Boy And The Honour Roll

A Pinch Of Salt – Pt1

Shake It Up – Pt2

A Clean Salt Pot – Pt3

Jeremiah’s Call – Pt1

Jeremiah’s Problems – Pt2

A Trip Of A Life-Time – Pt1

A Trip Of A Life-Time – Pt2