Promise Box Audio

McKee, David


Born Lismore, New South Wales, Australia. Now Brisbane, Queensland. Fellowships at Wavell Heights Gospel Hall.

A well known and respected teacher of the Word in Brisbane.

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His Kindness Toward Us In Christ Jesus

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely

The Character Of God – Pt1 – Introduction

The Character Of God – Pt2 – The Sovereignty Of God

The Character Of God – Pt3

The Character Of God – Pt4 – Likeness Of Christ

The Character Of God – Pt5

The Character Of God – Pt6

The Character Of God – Pt7

The Character Of God – Pt8

The Character Of God – Pt9

Malachi 3:8-16

Why John Wrote The Book Of John

The Death, Burial And Resurrection Of The Lord Jesus – Pt1

The Death Of The Lord – Pt2

The Burial Of The Lord – Pt3

The Glorious Resurrection – Pt4

Actions Surrounding Crucifixion Of Lord Jesus

Words Spoken At Crucifixion Of Lord Jesus

Christ Is Paramount – Mind, Thought And Will

People In Philippians

Robbing, Walking With, Rejoicing, Meeting And Dwelling With God

Behold My Servant – Our Example

Behold My Servant – Results

The Glorious Gospel

The Fulness Of Things Hereafter – The Throne, God And The Lamb

Meeting The Lord Jesus

Families And Individuals


God’s Sovereignty

A Redeemer And Redemption

The Attributes Of God In The Minor Prophets

Attributes Of The Father

The Son – His Wonderful Face In The Old Testament

Servants In The Scriptures – Abraham, Jacob And Joseph

Servants In The Scriptures – Masters

Servants In The Scriptures – My Servant – Moses’ Greatness, Job’s Godliness And Christ’s Grandeur

Servants In The Scriptures – The Kings Servants – David, Solomon And God

Daniel – Choice And Commitment

Daniel – Worship And Witness

Daniel – The Wisdom And Knowledge Of God

Daniel – God Speaks – Conversion And Condemnation

Jesus Christ – The Almighty

The Greatness Of Christ

Love In Revelation

With My Whole Heart

Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart


Fear God

Types And Shadows Of Christ

The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World

Isaiah’s Prophecies Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt1

Isaiah’s Prophecies Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt2

Isaiah’s Prophecies Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Pt3

The Book Of Exodus – Pt1 – What God Did In Egypt

The Book Of Exodus – Pt2 – What God Did In The Wilderness

The Book Of Exodus – Pt3 – What God Did In And To The Israelite Family

The Book Of Exodus – Pt4 – The Old Testament Law Brought Us To The Christ In The New Testament

The Book Of Revelation – Pt1

The Book Of Revelation – Pt2 – The Throne Of God

The Book Of Revelation – Pt3

The Book Of Revelation – Pt4

The Book Of Revelation – Pt5

An Outline Of The Great Tribulation


Great Works Of David In His Youth

The Works Of David As King

The Heart And Thoughts Of David

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Persons Involved In Crucifixion Of Lord Jesus

Reasons For And Results Acheived In Death Of Jesus Christ

Noah’s Wife, Lot’s Wife And Rebekah, Joseph’s Wife

The Men Of Genesis

Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock

No More Sin And The Book Of Life

The Power And Providence Of God

Lifestyle – The Walk Of Faith

Lifestyle – Daniel In The Lion’s Den

The Lovingkindness Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus In The Father’s House

The Greatest Events The World Has Seen – Pt1

The Just For The Unjust – Pt2

Motives – Pt3

Grace – The Undeserved Favour Of God – Pt4

Jesus’ Resurrection – The Fact – Pt5

Jesus’ Resurrection – Our Resurrection – Pt6

Three People That Saw Jesus After His Resurrection – Pt7

Mercy – Not Getting What We Deserve – Pt8

John 11:25-27 – Pt9

The Lord Is Good A Stronghold And Knows Who Trusts In Him

Revelation 3:21

The Son Of God

The Fruit Of The Spirit

So Great Salvation

Abraham – Friend of God

Abraham Believes God

The Suffering Of Christ

Meetings In The Book Of Genesis

Who Is The Greatest? – partial recording