Promise Box Audio

Green, David (Ballina 1935-2017)


Born London, England. Then Sydney, Australia. Now Ballina, New South Wales.

Fellowshipped at the Ballina Bible Centre.

David Green has been a full-time Christian worker for many years.

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Look For The Gold

This Is The Son Of God

Man Of Sorrows

Justified By Faith

Unity Of The Church

The Sabbath Rest

Have Faith In God

The Value Of The Blood Of Christ


Love Teaches And Lives The True Doctrine

Our Need To Walk In The Light

The Certainty Of Prophetic Fulfillment

If We Live In The Spirit Let Us And Walk In The Spirit

The Applications Of The Name Of The Lord Jesus

What It Means To Be Justified

The Proof Of Your Love

Putting On Christ

My Yoke Is Easy And My Burden Is Light

Light Has Triumphed Over Darkness

A New Creature In Christ

The Blood Of Christ

Salvation From Acts And Aspects Of Life

Let Brotherly Love Continue

A Woman’s Priestly Work



Practical Worship

Declared The Son Of God With Power

Christians Continuing Being Saved In All Circumstances

Life Or Living

The Perfect Atonement

Tribulation – I Must Look Beyond – Our Hope Is In Jesus Christ

The Inevitable Mandate Or Must

The Bride Of Christ

The Resurrection Truth

The Reasons For Praying

Standards And Warnings

God’s Grace Toward Man

God Changes Not

Out Titles In Christ

Sleep – The Living And The Dead

Things Necessary In The Preparation For Marriage – Pt1

Things Necessary In The Preparation For Marriage – Pt2

Evangelism Begins With Worship

God Fulfilled His Promise In The Lord Jesus

Why Should I Be Baptised? – Who And When Should Someone Be Baptised?

Christ – The Foundation

The Last Things

Where To Find God, How To Be Justified And If I Will Live Again

Lifting Up The Lord Jesus

Edifying The Church

Deliverance From The House Of Bondage

The Nature Of God

God Changes Not

The Results Of Disobeying God

Walking Worthy Of Christ

Seven Pillars Of Wisdom

The Books Which Reveal What Awaits Us In The Future

It Is God Who Gives The Increase

Great Is Our God

Fear God And Keep His Commandments

What We Are In Christ

God’s Grace Over Rebellion


Disservice, Disloyalty, Dissatisfaction And Disobedience

Am I Who I Think I Am?

A Prepared Heart Seeking Of Him A Right Way

Preparing For Christ

For This Reason Came I Into The World

John 13:1-38

A New Testament Christian

The Christian And Marriage

That I Might Know Him As I Ought

Some Relationships Brought To Our Attention By The Lord

The Righteous Should Flourish As A Palm Tree

Having An Understanding Of The Believer’s Enemy

How Our Activity And Attitude Should Be Governed By The Word Of God

Things Pertaining To The Lord Jesus Christ

Hell – How To Avoid It

Heaven – How To Attain It

Jesus Christ – The Sin Bearer

There Is A Hope Set Before Us Today

The Gospel For Me


Knowing Your Gift

What Think Ye Of Christ?

Discovering And Exercising Our Gifts

Hold Fast Those Things Which We Have

I Believe Help Thou My Unbelief

Four Last Things

Acceptable Praise

The Answer To All Problems

Rights, Responsibilities And Privileges

How To Be What God Wants Us To Be

Being Saved And Being Lost

Why Pray?

The Riches Of His Goodness, Grace And Glory

Four Ps In A Pod – Praise, Power, Providence And Protection

The Opposition To Christ

The High Priest’s Work

Revelation Of Christ And Instruction In Heavenly Things

Instruction In Earthly Things

The Various Names Given To The Gospel

The Man Who Lives In The Shadow Of God

The Church’s Hope – The Rapture

Israel’s Darkest Hour – The Tribulation

The Kind Of People We Must Be In The World

The Union Of Grace And Truth

How To Fish For Men

Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness

Knowing The Unity In Christ

What Did God Do?

That We Might Have The Mind Of Christ

The Rapture

An Overview Of The Book Of John

That Your Prayers Are Not Hindered

Jesus And True Religion

The Sacrifice Of Love

Jesus Takes Leave Of His Own

Jesus’ Work Finished And What Remains Unfinished

Under The Oak

The Need To Be Rooted And Grounded In The Lord

The Goodness Of The Lord Through Our Lives

The Believer’s Rest

How To Enjoy Abundant Life

The Things That Make For Godly Living

Have Faith In God

Our Walk In The Wilderness

Four Important Things To Understand

The Trial Of Our Faith

Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ

The Lordship Of Christ

Consider The Lord

Christ Came Into The World To Save Sinners

It Is God’s Word That Brings Life

The Lord Jesus Our Perfect Perpetual High Priest

Be Filled With The Spirit

The Need For Heart Cleansing Before God Hears Prayer

The Strength Of The Lord

poor sound – The Results When God’s People Cry Unto The Lord

poor sound – Where Have You Gleaned Today?

poor sound – The Lord Jesus Born King Of The Jews

Love Never Faileth