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Ng, C K


Born Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Now Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fellowships at Bexley Gospel Hall.

Born again at the age of 17 at a Gospel Meeting at the Klang Gospel Hall. Convicted by the following words of scriptures: 1 Timothy 1:15, Romans 3:23, John 3:16-17 and Galatians 2:20. An elder at the above assembly.

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The Witness Christians Are Called To Bear

The Importance Of Knowing The Lord’s Presence

John 5:1-9

Jesus Rebukes Peter

Always Abounding In The Will And Work Of The Lord


God Is Faithful

Christ’s Power Displayed

How Earnest Are We To See The Lord?

Why Do We talk About Jesus?

Are We Acknowledging Christ’s Lordship?

Is Jesus Really King Of Our Life?

Psalm 69:1-36

Genesis 2:4-17, 3:1-13,22-24

Luke 23:13-49

Those Responsible To Preach The Gospel

Celebrating Christmas

Do We Really Believe The Godhead Of Christ?

Something Common To All Mankind


Always Be Aware Of The Lord’s Presence

Luke 33.22-39

The Reality Of God In Jonah’s Life

Things We Talk About

How Does One Experience The Reality Of Christ In Life?

Teaching As I Have Commanded You

Who Art Thou?

Come Unto Me

Our Responsibility To Being Totally Committed To The Will Of God

Lessons From Israel

How To Inherit The Lord’s Land Of Promise

The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever


Contemplating The Wonder And Glory Of The Lord

The Symbol Of The Presence Of God Among His People

Look And Live

The Importance Of Prayer

Tesimony Regarding A Bad Car Accident

Mark 10:28-45

Galatians 1

Our Great High Priest

Knowing Who Jesus Is

Approaching The Lord With The Right Reason

Mark 10:17-27

bad sound – The Need Of Testimony

Glory And Praise To Our God

Who Is A Christian?

The Lord’s Determination To Accomplish God’s Will

The Why, How And What Of Repentence

Are We Living Or Dead?

Do You Really Know The True And Living God?


The Characteristics Of A Truly Born Again Child Of God – Pt1

The Characteristics Of A Truly Born Again Child Of God – Pt2

An Overview Of Revelation 5

An Overview Of Revelation 6

An Overview Of Revelation 20

With Knowledge Comes Responsibility Of Response

Feed My Sheep

Have You Any Meat?

Three New Beginnings

The Good Shepherd

An Overview Of Acts 1-3 – The Coming Of Christ And The Holy Spirit

An Overview Of Acts 19-21

An Overview Of Psalm 1 – The Contrast Of Opposites

An Overview Of Psalm 24

What Do We Seek Most? – Psalm 27

An Overview Of Psalm 37

An Overview Of Psalm 41

An Overview Of Psalm 84

An Overview Of Psalm 102

The Virtues And Foreknowledge Of Christ

How Willing Are You To Be Used Of The Lord?

An Overview Of Amos – The Plumbline Prophet – Repenting And Obeying God

His Testimony

How Much Does The Worship Service Really Touch My Heart?

Overview Of Jude – Warning Of Dangers Which Can Creep Into The Church

The Lord Brings Deliverance To Those Poor In Spirit

Six Of Life’s Greatest

Jesus Said “I Am The Door” – 3-11-02

By Me Ye Shall Be Saved

I Am The Door – 2-9-01

Harden Not Your Heart

Your Choice – Heaven Or Hell

Doubting Thomas

Come Unto Me

Jesus Responds To Simple Faith

Our Attitude Before The Lord

Watch And Pray