Promise Box Audio

Meyer, Chris


From Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

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Pray And Get Messy

Some Thoughts

You Can’t Put God In A Box

Lessons From David

Some Thoughts From David’s Life

1 Samuel 30-31

2 Samuel 3

David And Bathsheba

2 Samuel 18:1-19:8

David’s Mighty Men

Can You Have Jesus As Saviour And Not As Lord?

An Introduction To And The Background Of Ephesians

God’s Sovereign Will

God’s Sovereign Will – Pt2

Ephesians 1:15-23

From Life To Death

Ephesians 2:11-22

The Body Of Christ

Paul’s Prayer

Ephesians 4:1-6

God’s Provision For Christian Maturity And Unity

Heavy Thoughts And Big Words

No Suffering Saviour – No Church

Faith, Hope And Love

The Beatitudes

The Character And Nature Of God – The Living God

The Character And Nature Of God – God Is Love

So Great Salvation

The Reality Of Heaven

To Live Is Christ

The Joy Of Advancing The Gospel

How To Be Stable In An Unstable World?

The Gospel And Sin

All Are Guilty Before God

Grace Versus Sin

Walking In The Spirit

Blessed Assurance


Pride And Humility

What Does A Living Sacrifice Look Like?

Pride And Humility

Run The Race

The Incarnation Of The Son Of God

Living Spiritual Lives

Growing Fruit


A Lie To Be Wary Of

The Importance Of Believing

An Example Of Liberty

The Unity Of Believers

Christian Love

Job – Out Of The Whirlwind

Having A Thankful Heart


The Holiness Of God

The Depravity Of The Heart

Counting The Cost

The Prodigal Son

An Introduction To The Life Of Christ

The Life Of Christ – The World In Which He Walked

Be Filled With The Holy Spirit – Faith

Unity In Diversity In The Body Of Christ

Wisdom And Meekness

Paul’s Report On His Prayers For The Ephesians

The Glory To Come

Ephesians 4.17-24 – Pt1

Ephesians 4:17-24 – Pt2

Be Filled With The Spirit

The Crucifixion

Galatians 5:13-6:5

An Introduction To The Book Of Ruth

Ruth – Pt2 – Ruth 1

Ruth – Pt3

Ruth – Pt4

The Temptation Of Christ

God’s Immutability

Prayer Foundations

Responding To Fools

Rest In The Coming Kingdom

Jacob’s Wrestle

The Christ Child


Five Realities

Search Me O God

Lessons In Tolerance Of Other Believers

The Secret Of Joy

Matthew 4:1-11

The Call To Encourage One Another

An Obstacle To Be Overcome Before Encouragement Can Occur

How Encouragement Works

Encouragement Responding To Opportunities To Encourage