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Gibbs, Cedric (-2022)


Born, South Africa – now Sydney, Australia. Fellowships at St Jude’s Anglican.

Previously a full-time Christian worker among the assemblies. He still does much Bible teaching among them.

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A Discussion With Elders, Including Cedric Gibbs

Moses And Zipporah

Philippians 2:5-11

The Holy City – Why Does God?

Commitment – Pt1

Commitment – Pt2

Commitment – Pt3

Commitment – Pt3

Commitment – Pt5

Commitment – Pt6

Praying For Revival

Speaking For Revival

Working For Revival

Paying For Revival

Reading For Revival

Living For Revival

The Prodigal Wife Of Hosea

Abraham And Sarah

Isaac And Rebekah

David And Michal

Aquila And Priscilla

Consequences Of Fellowship – Little Children Keep Yourselves From Idols

Consequences Of Fellowship – Pt2

Be Ready – Watch Therefore

Report On The Work In Uzbekistan

A Relationship Restored

The Proof Of God’s Love

The Christian Home And Maintaining A Marriage

The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2

Jesus Washing The Disciples’ Feet

Ephesians 4

According To Knowledge

According To Grace Given

The Qualifications Of Elders

Problem People

The Theology Of Christian Life

The Gospel – Hosea

A Workman Approved – Pt1

A Workman Approved – Pt2

A Workman Approved – Pt3

Managing Christian Work – Pt1A

Managing Christian Work – Pt1B

Managing Christian Work – Pt2

Managing Christian Work – Pt3

Biblical Portraits Of The Lord Jesus – His Earthly Life

Ruth 1:1-7

Ruth 2:1-12

Ruth 3:1-14

Ruth 4:1-12

What Will We Do In Heaven?

Romans 1-5

Romans 6-8

Romans 12-16

The Duties Of Elders

Teaching Christian Behaviour

Sin And Salvation


The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2

The Tabernacle – Pt3

The Tabernacle – The Structure And It’s Contents

The Tabernacle – It’s Contents

The Christian Man – Pt1 – Christian Maturity – A Man Of Full Stature

The Christian Man – Pt2 – A Man In The World

The Christian Man – Pt3 – A Man As A Husband

The Christian Man – Pt4 – A Man In The Church

The Christian Man – Pt5 – A Man As A Priest

Leadership – Pt1

Leadership – Pt2

Leadership – Pt3

Leadership – Pt4 – The Male Role – Prejudice

Leadership – Pt5 – Practice

Leadership – Pt6 – Perseverance

Serving As Senders

Standing In The Gap

Introduction To God’s Man In Nehemiah – Pt1

God’s Man And His Work – Pt2

God’s Man Under Fire – Pt3

God’s Man And God’s Word – Pt4

God’s Man In Later Years – Pt5

Questions And Answers – Pt6

According To His Working – Pt3

According To His Eternal Purpose – Pt4

Why We Gather As We Do

Reading For Revival – Pt1

Living For Revival – Pt2

Working For Revival – Pt3

Paying For Revival – Pt4

Apostles And Prophets – Foundation Gifts

Revelation – The Seven Churches – Thyatira

Ezra 7-10

Christ Our Goal

Teaching And Preaching The Word Of God – Pt1

Teaching And Preaching The Word Of God – Pt2

Teaching And Preaching The Word Of God – Pt3

Teaching And Preaching The Word Of God – Pt4

About Cedric Gibbs

That He Might Be Preeminent

Consequences Of Fellowship

Faith That Works – Pt1 – Introduction To James

Faith That Works – Pt2 – Tried, Tested And Proven

Favouritism And Faith – Pt3

Conflict In The Local Assembly – Pt4

Teachers, Tongues And True Wisdom – Pt5

The Policies Of The Wealthy – Pt6

Micah and The Danites

The Father Who Planned – Pt1

The Execution Of The Son – Pt2

The Operation Of The Spirit

Co-ordination Of The Trinity

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Non-Miraculous Gifts

Christ Died For Our Sins

He Was Buried

He Was Raised

He Appeared

Building Relationships

The Christ’s Supremacy In His Priesthood And Sanctuary


Strengthening Your Faith

Dispute Solving

The Cry Of Leaders

The Gift Of Leaders

The Quality Of Leaders

The Responsibility Of Leaders

Leadership In The Home – Pt1

Leadership In The Home – Pt2

Revelation 1-3

Revelation 4:1-8:5

Revelation 8:6-12:17

Revelation 13:1-19:5

Revelation 19:6-22:21

Romans 8:18-39

The Second Coming And Rewards

What Of The Future? – Freedom

What Of The Word? – Testimony

Why Share The Lord’s Supper?

Why Be A Member Of The Local Church?

Being A Husband – Love In Action

Being A Father

Balancing Life’s Demands

I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life

Responsibility To The World

Will Aussie Brethren Change?

Grounded In The Truth

The Twenty First Century Church – Understanding The Times

Proverbs – Three Wealths And Possessions

Seven Things God Hates


Proverbs – Three Wealths And Possessions

Things God Hates