Gibbs, Cedric (-2022)



Born, South Africa – now Sydney, Australia. Fellowships at St Jude’s Anglican.


Previously a full-time Christian worker among the assemblies. He still does much Bible teaching among them.

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Praying For Revival

Speaking For Revival

Working For Revival

Paying For Revival

Reading For Revival

Living For Revival


The Prodigal Wife Of Hosea


Abraham And Sarah

Isaac And Rebekah

David And Michal

Aquila And Priscilla


Consequences Of Fellowship – Little Children Keep Yourselves From Idols

Consequences Of Fellowship – Pt2


Be Ready – Watch Therefore

Report On The Work In Uzbekistan

A Relationship Restored

The Proof Of God’s Love

The Christian Home And Maintaining A Marriage


The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2


Jesus Washing The Disciples’ Feet

Ephesians 4


According To Knowledge

According To Grace Given


The Qualifications Of Elders

Problem People

Teaching Christian Behaviour

The Theology Of Christian Life


The Gospel – Hosea


A Workman Approved – Pt1

A Workman Approved – Pt2

A Workman Approved – Pt3


Managing Christian Work – Pt1A

Managing Christian Work – Pt1B

Managing Christian Work – Pt2

Managing Christian Work – Pt3


Biblical Portraits Of The Lord Jesus – His Earthly Life


Ruth 1:1-7

Ruth 2:1-12

Ruth 3:1-14

Ruth 4:1-12


What Will We Do In Heaven?


Romans 1-5

Romans 6-8

Romans 12-16


The Duties Of Elders

Teaching Christian Behaviour

The Theology Of Christian Life


Commitment – Pt1

Commitment – Pt2

Commitment – Pt3

Commitment – Pt4


Sin And Salvation



The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2

The Tabernacle – Pt3


The Tabernacle – The Structure And It’s Contents

The Tabernacle – It’s Contents


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