Peterson, Bill (1924-2010)


From Sydney, Australia.  Fellowshipped at Eastwood Gospel Chapel.

Widely known in Australia and other countries for his ministry and outreach in the Gospel, especially to the Jewish people. Bill was greatly concerned about the Jewish people (Romans 10:1) and after his first trip to Israel his love for them deepened. He visited them in their homes, became good friends with the Rabbis and was invited to their various celebrations and synagogues. He saw a small number of Jewish people come to the Lord and they encouraged him to visit Israel. In 1976 he commenced Bible Lands Tours.

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Diamonds In Daniel – Pt1 – On God’s Side

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt2 – The Wild Beast Vision

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt3 – Dreams Of A King

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt4 – Prayer And Prophecy

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt5 – The Writing On The Wall

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt6 – Daniel In The Lion’s Den

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt7 – Facts For Faith – History In Daniel 11

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt8 – The Great Invasion From The North

Diamonds In Daniel – Pt9 – Some Final Secrets

The Tabernacle – Pt1

The Tabernacle – Pt2

The Tabernacle – Pt3

Personalities Of The Tribulation – Pt1

Personalities Of The Tribulation – Pt2

Personalities Of The Tribulation – Pt3

The Signs Of The Coming Of The Lord – Pt1

The Signs Of The Coming Of The Lord – Pt2

The Signs Of The Coming Of The Lord – Pt3

God Is For Us

Behold My Servant – The Suffering Servant – He Shall Be Exalted

O Lord, How Excellent Is Thy Name

All May Fail, But Jesus Never

Whatsoever Ye Do In Word Or Deed Do All In The Name Of The Lord Jesus

The Axe Head Of Service

Blessed Are The People Who Know The Joyful Sound


The Ark Of Thy Strength

Enjoying The Lord And The Thoughts Of His Love

I Love The Lord

God Looketh On The Heart

God Remembers

The Ordinance Of The Red Heifer

Jewish Outreach Radio Work And Gideon – O Lord, If, Why, Where And But

Christmas And Peace

The Resurrection And The Second Coming

The Qualities Of Steadfastness, Thankfulness And Love

The Lord Is The Portion Of My Cup

A Sound Of Abundance Of Rain

God’s Purpose For Taking Us Through The Fire

The Sword Of The Lord

Let A Double Portion Of Thy Spirit Be Upon Me

Looking Unto Jesus – Lay Aside Every Weight

In Christ, In The Lord And In Heavenly Places

Lord Open Our Eyes That We May See

Instead Of Fretting We Should Be Counting Our Blessings – The Harp

May We Be People With Bubbling Hearts Of Praise

Our Mordecai – From Shame To Glory

The Unchanging Christ

God Is Able To Deliver

This Is Jesus The King Of The Jews

The Elijah’s Mood Of Depression

A Very Little While

I Being In The Way The Lord Led Me

Dwelling In The Light Of The Lord

The Glory Of The Lord Dwelling In The Light Of The Lord

Walking With God

The Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength – Asher

Report On Work Of Assemblies In Slovakia – Pray Without Ceasing

The End Of The World

Behold Your God

God’s Perfect Servant

He And Me

Joseph A Picture Of Our Heavenly Lord

Lessons To Be Learnt From Joseph Of Old

All This He Suffered For Us

There Is No Need To Be A Failure

God’s Wrath – The Day Of The Lord

Satan’s Man – The Antichrist

The Universal Lordship Of Christ

Christ’s Return And The Kingdom

The Jordan River – Pt3

The Dead Sea – Pt4

Mount Moriah – Pt5

Mount Zion – Pt6

The Mount Of Olives – Pt7

The Mount Of Beatitudes – Pt8

Solomon’s Pools – Pt41

Tel Aviv – Pt44

Shunem – Pt45

Gath – Pt111

Eschol – Pt112

The Ophel – Pt126

Ramleh – Pt127

The Valley Of The Shadow – Pt130

En Rogel – Pt131

bad sound – Taanach – Pt132

bad sound – The Hills Of Moab – Pt133

bad sound – The Room Of The Last Supper – Pt134

bad sound – The Citadel Of David – Pt135

bad sound – Ein Karem – Pt136

bad sound – Byblos – Pt137

bad sound – Dan – Pt139

Tyre – Pt140

Baalbek – Pt141

Sidon – Pt142

Beirut – Pt143

The Jordan River – Pt148

The Tomb Of David – Pt149

The Hill Of Moreh – Pt166

Bethany – Pt167

bad sound – Al Saddam – Pt168

bad sound – Bashan – Pt169

The Pyramids – Pt177

Bethlehem – Pt178

Babylon – Pt194

The Euphrates River – Pt195

Philippi – Pt196

Corinth – Pt197

Nineveh – Pt198

Ashdod – Pt199

Gedara – Pt200

Cana – Pt201

Jenin – Pt202

Dothan – Pt203

Ein Harod – Pt204


The Second Coming – Pt1 – Translated From English To Arabic

The Coming Of The Lord – Pt2 – Translated From English To Arabic

The Priesthood Of Christ – Pt1

The Priesthood Of Christ – Pt2

The Future Of Israel And A Report On Jewish Outreach

Israel Today

The Gathering Of Armageddon

Armageddon – Destruction As Portrayed In The Book Of Isaiah – Pt1

Blessings For The Gentile Nations In Isaiah – Pt2

Israel And Jordan – Pt3

The Perfect Servant – Pt4 – incomplete recording

The Blessing Of Israel In Isaiah – Pt5

Gospel – Pt6

Isaiah 53:1-6 – Pt7

An Update On The Land Of Israel

The Mark Of The Beast And Phylacteries

No War For A Thousand Years

The Shadow Of Coming Events

Egypt And Israel

Russia And Israel

Jacob’s Twelve Sons – Pt1

Jacob’s Twelve Sons – Pt2

Jacob’s Twelve Sons – Pt3

Jacob’s Twelve Sons – Pt4

Things Coming Upon The Earth

The Role Of Egypt

European Economic Community

Israel – Trial To Triumph

Christian Living

The End Times

Nehemiah 1:1-5, 2:11,20, 6:15

The Caution Of Fellowship


Peace And Safety – bad sound

God Is Prepared To Share His Secrets With His Saints – bad sound