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McRae, Bill


From Toronto, Canada. Fellowshipped at a few Open Brethren meetings in the USA and Canada.

Since 1982 has been president of Ontario Bible College and Ontario Theological Seminary in Toronto, Canada, now known as Tyndale College and Seminary. Is involved in an extensive itinerant ministry under McRae Ministries.

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Know Thyself – Pt1

True Love – Pt2

The Christian Citizen – Pt3

Social Responsibility – Pt4

The Law Of Love – Pt5

The Law Of Love – Pt6

Paul’s Missionary Strategy – Pt7

Making Plans – Pt8

Prayer – A Divine Means – Pt9

Paul’s Praise And Warning – Pt10

The Holy Spirit In The Twentieth Century – Pt1 – Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit In The Twentieth Century – Pt2 – Illumination Of The Spirit

The Holy Spirit In The Twentieth Century – Pt3 – The Filling Of The Spirit

The Holy Spirit In The Twentieth Century – Pt4 – Permanent Gifts Of The Spirit

Daniel In The Critics Den – Pt1

An Invasion Of Outer Space – Pt2

The Condition For Spiritual Enlightenment – Pt3

The ABCs Of Bible Prophecy – Pt4

The God Who Is Able – Pt5

The Conversion Of Nebuchadnezzar – Pt6

Daniel – Pt7

The Conversion Of Nebuchadnezzar – Pt8

The Road To Restoration – Pt9

The Mystery Of The Seventy Sevens – Pt10

Daniel’s Unanswered Prayer – Pt11

The Testimony Of Fulfilled Prophecy – Pt12

The Spirit Of Antichrist – Pt13

Armageddon – Antichrist’s Last Stand – Pt14

Three Great Spiritual Truths – Pt15

The Date Of Christ’s Return – Pt16

Bill McRae And Ian Paisley – In Conversation

The Planner And His Plan – Pt1

God’s Plan For Man – Pt2

God’s Plan For Satan – Pt3

God’s Plan For Israel – Pt4

God’s Plan For His Son – Pt5

God’s Plan For His Church – Pt6

God’s Plan For The Future – Pt7

The Problem Of The Head Covering

Serving Our Generation – Pt1

Authentic Community – Pt2

Mobilisation Of People – Pt3

Cultural Correctedness – Pt4