Promise Box Audio

Wilson, Andrew


Born Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Now Brisbane, Queensland. Fellowships at Wollongbar Community Church.

Has been involved in evangelistic and Bible teaching ministry since 2001, in Australia and England.

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Baptism – A Consequence Of, Not A Confirmation Of Faith

Israel Not Forgotten

Acts 18:1-28

The Virgin Birth Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Galatians – Gospel

The Last Times – Pt1

The Last Times – Pt2 – The Tribulation

The Last Times – Pt3 – Christ’s Coming

The Last Times – Pt4 – Why I Believe In A Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Giving Ourselves Wholly To The Lord

An Introduction To Psalms

Psalm 19 – Seven Ways God Speaks To Us

Psalm 22 – Why Christ’s Sufferings

Psalm 91 – Our Quiet Time With God

Psalm 107 – The Lord Is Good

Difference Of Opinions

Not All Things Are Profitable

Why The Resurrection Of Christ Is So Important To Christianity

bad sound – What Causes Division In The Church?

Do All To The Glory Of God

The Wrong And Right Way To Get To Heaven

The Lord Came To Save Not To Judge

God’s Guidance

James – Pt1

James – Pt2

James – Pt3

Seven Characteristics Of Faith

Why We Should Talk To One Another?

Christ’s Journeys – Pt1 – The Basis Of Salvation

Christ’s Journeys – Pt2 – Entering The Kingdom

Christ’s Journeys – Pt3 – The Kingdom And Judaism

If The Lord Be God, Choose Him

What Is Our Attitude To Any Sort Of Sin?

The Characteristics Of Those Filled With The Spirit

Luke 1-3 – Beginnings

What It Means To Be Led By The Spirit

Christ – Who Is He?

The Ultimate Proof Of Christ’s Diety

What Do You Hope To Get Out Of Life?

What Does It Mean To Walk In The Spirit?

Being Right With God

What Are You Going To Do With The Lord Jesus?

Four Issues We Have To Deal With When We Encounter The Lord Jesus

What Priority Do We Put On Spreading The Gospel?

It Is Finished

Second Rate Christianity

Are We Serious About Prayer?

What Is And How Should We Worship?

How To Become A Christian

How Can Christianity Be True If Judaism Rejects It?

Five Abuses In The Management Of The Church

1 Timothy 1 – Dealing With Teaching In The Church

1 Timothy 2 – The Woman’s Ministry

1 Timothy 3 – The Necessary Qualifications For Correct Church Government

1 Timothy 4 – What Is The Church Really All About?

1 Timothy 5 – Guidelines For Service In The Church

1 Timothy 6 – What Riches Are You Chasing?

2 Timothy 4 – Departure

Why Salvation Is Only By God’s Grace

Why The Lord Is The Most Sensational Man Who Lived

Christ Fills All Things In Us

How To Become A Christian

Things That Accompany Salvation

Why Simply Believing Saves

The Storyline And Application Of Song Of Solomon

The Most Important Thing In A Christian’s Life

How You Can Be Sure Of Eternal Life



Why Eternal Life Is A Gift

bad sound – Who Do You Say That I Am?

Why Do You Need To Prepare To Meet God?

Why No-one Belongs To The Reigions Of Good Works Can Get Into Heaven

Is There A God? What Is Life All About? Is There Life After Death?

What Is The Matter With The World?

The Greatness Of God’s Love

The Three Great Facts Of The Christian Faith

God Hears When We Call

What Christ Expects Us To Be

Samuel – To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

Why The Birth Of Christ Is So Amazing

Baptism – Four Things You Need To Be Baptised

The Tale Of Two Women – How To Live Wisely

Why Jesus Is Truly The Saviour

Why We Must Be Born Again?

God’s Rescue Plan For Mankind

Having A Real Personal Relationship With God

What Is Truth Base On? – Tradition Or Revelation

Romans 1 – Good News

Romans 12 – Serving God

Romans 13 – Our Relation To Society As Christians

Romans 14 – How We Should Relate To Other Christians

Romans 15 – How I Can Best Serve God?

Romans 16 – Seven Concluding Lessons On Service

Two Choices In Life – Which Is Yours?

Nor Is There Salvation In Any Other

An Overview Of Judges – God Must Judge

An Overview Of 1 Samuel – The Results Of Not Seeking The Lord’s Guidance

An Overview Of 2 Samuel – The Ups And Downs Of David’s Reign And We Reap What We Sow

An Overview Of 1 Kings – Spiritual Continuance

An Overview Of 2 Kings – The Need To Confess And Forsake

An Overview Of Acts – The Spread Of The Gospel And Justifying The Ministry Of Paul

An Overview Of Malachi – The Need For A Return To God

An Overview Of Zechariah – Pt2 – The Coming Shepherd King And Restoration

An Overview Of James – Problems Without And Within

An Overview Of Revelation – Prophecy Of Events When The Lord Comes As King

Why Religious People Don’t Go To Heaven

Why Sinful People Can Go To Heaven

Lessons From Prison Life

1 Peter 4 – The Musts Of Preaching

Luke 23 – What Is Your Reaction To The Lord Jesus?

Purposing To Be Different

The Finger Of God – The Seriousness Of God’s Laws

Colossians 1 – Christian Completion And Prayer

Colossians 2 – Warning About Adding Anything To Christ

Colossians 3 – How To Demonstrate Christ In Our Life

Four Characteristics Of The Hope Of Our Inheritance

Hebrews 3-4 -False Pride, Disobedience And Unbelief

Why Must We Be Converted And Changed

The Scriptures Real Teaching On Change

Is Your Heart Right In The Sight Of God?

Deuteronomy 1-11 – Do Not Forget God

Deuteronomy 12-26 – Responsibilities To God And Neighbours

Deuteronomy 27-34 – Blessings, Cursings And Lessons On Leadership

An Overview Of Matthew

Matthew 5 – True Discipleship

Matthew 8-9 – Christ’s Power And Authority

Matthew 10-12 – Christ’s Preaching

Matthew 11 – Answers To The Burdens Of Life

Matthew 18 – What The Church Is Meant To Be?

Matthew 25 – The Coming Of Christ

The Only Way To Heaven

What Is It That Really Makes A Disciple?

Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

Acts 1 – Preparation For Dynamic Growth

Acts 2 – Results We Can Expect When God’s In Control

Acts 4-5 – The Secret Of The Christian’s Power

Acts 8-12 – New Directions, Change, Guidance, Difficulties And Trials

Acts 17 – An Amazing Message

Why You Should Be A Christian?

The Real Meaning Of Apostle – Prophet

New Testament Church Growth

A Guide To Christian Growth

Giving Thanks To God For All His Benefits And Blessings

Ephesians 4 – The Unity And Purpose Of The Church

Three Features Of God’s Blessing

Four Aspects Of Salvation

The Necessity For Correct Solid Teaching In The Assembly

Why Christ Is So Important?

Three Statements Of Belief – We Exist For A Reason – God Has To Reveal Himself – We Have To Seek After Him

Being Bold In Faith To Act For God

The Preciousness Of The Church To God And A Report On Work In Tottenham

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

The Christian In The World

Why God Forsook His Son At Calvary

Four Conditions For Answered Prayer

The Issues Of Life After Death

God’s Guidance

The Importance Of Applying The Alls Of Scripture

How We Must Be Saved

The Announcement Of Return To England – Things That Should Not Change

The Lord – Who He Is And His Love For His Own

This Man Jesus – Who He Was, What He Did And Why

The Importance And Necessity Of Preparing Before The Morning Meeting

Growth In The Life – There Must Be Weeding And Feeding

Why Should We Pray?

Four Reasons For Loving One Another

Why We Qualify As Sinners

What Is Baptism?


Warning – Abide Under The Shadow Of The Almighty

The Absolute Necessity Of Pure Teaching In The Church

God Calls For Voluntary, Whole-Hearted, Humble, Honourable And Obedient Service

God’s Purpose And Plan – Pictures – The Price Paid – Preparation To Be Made For The Kingodm Of God

Christ Is All And In All


The Son Of Man Came To Seek And Save That Which Was Lost

Revelation 1:1-20

Let Us Hold On To The Profession Of The Faith

Possessing The Holy Spirit’s Power Is By Faith

I Have Somewhat Against Thee

Little Children

The Difference Between Early And Present Day Christianity

We Preach Christ Crucified

Jesus Is Lord

Hold Fast The Form Of Sound Words

Search The Scriptures

A New Commandment

incomplete sound gets worse – No Longer Under Law