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Gooding, A M S (1915-1999)


Born Suffolk, England. Then Kilravock, Scotland. Fellowshipped at Elim Hall, Kilmarnock.

Arthur M Salway Gooding. Best remembered for his clear and powerful teaching of the Scriptures. He assisted in the preparation of the Believers Magazine and took over from William Bunting as the editor of the magazine Assembly Testimony.

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incomplete – The Clock Of The Political World

The Parables – Pt1

The Mustard Seed Parable – Pt2

The Wheat And Tares Parable – Pt3

The Mustard Seed Parable – Pt4

The Leaven Parable – Pt5

The Hidden Treasure Parable – Pt6

The Pearl Parable – Pt7

The Fishing Net Parable – Pt8

The Fall Of Man – Pt1

The Fall Of Man – Pt2 – The Attacks Of The Enemy

The Fall Of Man – Pt3

The Fall Of Man – Pt4

The Fall Of Man – Pt5

The Development Of Gifts In The New Testament


Qualifications Of Brethren – Can Pray In A Public Place

The Gift Of Tongues

Psalm 45:3-13

Matthew 24

Luke 1:1-4,26-38, 2:4-7

1 Corinthians 14:1-40

The Church And The Churches

The “No Mores” In The Bible – Gospel

The Call, Commendation And Care

Presenting Your Body

Life Today

New Testament Baptism

Cain And Abel – Gospel

The Ministry Of Women In The Home

The Priesthood Of All Believers

Deacons And Bishops

The Lord In The Midst

The Parable On Paradise – Pt1

The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares – Pt2

The Parable Of The Mustard Seed – Pt3

The Parable Of The Woman And The Leaven – Pt4

The Parable Of The Pearl Of Great Price – Pt5

The Parable Of The House Steward – Pt6

The Fall – Pt1 – Introduction

The Fall – Pt2 – The Test In Eden

The Fall – Pt3 – The Serpent

The Fall – Pt4 – The Sins Of Eve

The Fall – Pt5 – Basic Church Truths

The Fall – Pt6 – The Temptation

The Fall – Pt7 – Headship

The Fall – Pt8 – The Sound Of God

The Fall – Pt9 – Childbirth